CURE For Lyme? Yeah I Think So

Good afternoon my fellow Lymies. I want to update you all on my appointment with Dr Smith in Idaho.

After my initial visit today he found….well a lot.
Borellia in: blood, spleen, lymphatic system, tooth canals.
Babesia in: blood and spleen
Bartonella in: brain, blood, small intestine, “etc”
Lyme Virus “A” in: joints
Virus in Liver
Fungal infection in: Bronchial/lungs
Protozoa in: small intestine and pancreas
Parasites in: large intestine
Also Mercury.

Nutritional deficiencies: iron, zinc, acetylcholine, copper.

Now for the “too good to be true” part. Dr Smith does his treatments with magnetic therapy. I had my first treatment this morning, will have my next one this afternoon, and four more over the next two days. I will keep on the new supplements regimen plus a few things I was already taking from my other doctors that he said were good. I will have about 6 weeks of die-off where I probably won’t be feeling so hot, then in about 3 months he said I should feel pretty good! I will see him again in 3 months.

It is good that my other docs have done remarkable work with my sister and I so far, but according to this doc long-term antibiotics and herbal “antibiotics” can only do so much and leaves some virus and bacteria in some areas. Hence why we have always said there is no “cure” for Lyme but something more in the way of remission.

Now if I had not seen Lyme sufferers get better with my own eyes who had previously been through “conventional” treatment I would be very skeptical, but I have. Right now I have more hope for full health than I have in…, well forever.
Here’s hoping!


A Chance on a new LLMD, a Vacation and Hope

Well my sojourners it is time to share that I have been planning a little trip; Tomorrow I embark on a road trip to Coeur d’Alene Idaho to see a new LLMD to see if we can finally clear up the rest of this Lyme stuff, and/or biotoxic illness/chemical exposure/heavy metals….all of the afore mentioned, whatever…. We will see.

It is rather interesting because I have heard of Dr Smith several times over the last year and one of my dearest friends who has/had Lyme and was incredibly ill, went to see him in December (with several subsequent visits) and she is doing amazing! Basically she went from partially bed-ridden with heart issues and mild seizures to…….Normal! It is quite remarkable. Another man and mutually acquaintance of both of ours also saw this doctor and is doing well. And now just 10 days ago one of my family members who has been having unexplained health issues for years went to see this doctor and was diagnosed and started treatment for Lyme (she previously had a negative Western Blot). So she has begun a journey to healing.

It took me a long time to make the decision to see this doctor, partly because I have immense faith in my current LLMD here in Seattle, and partially because any treatment for Lyme that does not take at least 2-4 years not only seems too good to be true, but also goes against all the evidence and research regarding chronic Lyme. So when something seems too good to be true and yet you see results right before your eyes you must adjust your thinking and open your mind to new possibilities.

But isn’t it always this way with any kind of medical breakthrough? The Western Medicine we have all been raised on is so filled with falsehoods, with a philosophy of “don’t cure it just throw a dangerous drug at it”, and yet we do not question “the truth” until we see evidence otherwise. After all, almost every Western Medical doctor would tell you that Chronic Lyme is not even real and yet the science and proof is right there for anyone to find.

I do want to say that I still believe I have a great LLMD here and he has done remarkable work with both my sister and I, we are so much better than we were two years ago. He continues to help Lyme patients here and even from other states and overseas. But I want FULL health and to attain that 25% or so of me that is missing, the pieces that are always too tired, in pain, swollen and inflamed, the piece of my mind I know is still hiding from me…. If there is hope that full health and life is within my grasp I will chase it down.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Dr Tony Smith Lyme Stop


The Waves Keep Coming…..

Had to repost this great metaphor

Just Living LIke This with LYME

Ocean“Don’t the waves ever stop coming?” Was the question out of my 7 year old at our recent trip to the beach. She thought in her mind she could “swim” in the ocean like the pool and was very frustrated at the onslaught of waves that were relentless despite her grand plans to swim in peace.

I have a dear Lyme friend who right now wonders when the waves will ever stop. In fighting Lyme, the waves are relentless and endless and seem to never stop.

My heart breaks and is in aguish for my dear friend and all of you in the throes of this beast of Lyme right now getting hit by the breakers, and hit and hit and hit.

Here are the life lessons of encouragement for you via what my 7 year old has learned after a week at the beach.

1. The waves won’t stop…

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“Good Life” and Other Challenges

*disclaimer: after reading a friend’s post today about her intense suffering with Lyme I have nothing to complain about, nothing.

This has been a tough week, good in some ways but tough. Work has been a little more challenging but I don’t mind that, I actually enjoy it. It has been my body that has been a struggle. Now I will go a little into TMI territory because it really is a huge factor… (gentlemen you may leave the room).

So starting Wednesday night it is now that blessed time of the month all we girls go through. For me it is always really tough, lots inflammation external and internal, and a lot of pain. I am on herbal support for this from my natural doctor, but the first two days I still end up taking enough advil that it is a wonder I don’t bleed out my eyes. I always deal with terrible inflammation but during this time it is always so much worse.

Anyway, Wednesday night it did make sense why I had been feeling worse this week and I was SUPER ticked off. Today of all days when Thursday night I was going to attend my first concert in like 5-7 years. Drumroll….. One Republic! I had bought tickets months ago (of course at the time I had all these lofty plans about being a bit healthier by June…..yeah right).

So Thursday I made it through work popping advil and my herbal support like skittles, my body swollen and in pain, my shoes getting so tight I actually took them off a few times, but I was not going to miss this concert. At the end of the day I drove the 26 miles from my work to the venue, which took 2 hours! You know when they say Seattle has some of the worst traffic? It’s true. But I did make it a few minutes after 7pm (concert started at 7), but there was almost no parking and I drove around for about 15 minutes trying to find a lot that didn’t cost $20. I did eventually and parked in a (score) $5 slot. So then I had to wait for my sister who was having her own struggles getting there, and also was feeling pretty horrible from her Lyme struggles (what a pair). But these two sick girls were not going to miss this concert because we both say no to so much and end up bailing on plans all the time.

So we finally both made it in at about 7:45pm, thankfully we only missed an opening band, and not even the marqueed opening band (The Script) who were really good by the way.

After that we were both able to enjoy ourselves through our misery. I don’t say this often but my body was on fire with deep tissue pain and inflammation. So it was a mixed evening of frustration, illness and pain, offset by a great concert. One Republic is really amazing and I love them even more after last night.

Today is all about recovery, some sauna and lots of fluids. Enjoy the following….







I have not pressed in a while. This is partly good because in some ways I have been doing a little better, but everything balances out because for everything “I do” I have to trade it for an” I don’t”

Case in point weekend before last I overloaded myself a bit and had….gasp, 3 activities in one weekend. It was a lofty goal but what is sad is that I had to miss out on one because I simply ran out of energy. I can’t complain too much because I have been feeling a bit better, but with that little extra alertness I think I am also burning out at the end of the day the same way but with a little less fog and malaise.

So I am curious what causes some of the symptoms I feel when I get numb with fatigue….

blurry vision

trouble with word recollection


deteriorated hearing

confusion with direction

increased inflammation and body pain

I get really quiet and don’t feel like talking (and other stuff I can’t think of because I’m tired right now)


Now, I fully realize that all these and many more are just common symptoms of Lyme, but I sort of wonder why they increase greatly with fatigue. Maybe every activity causes minor herx reactions….

I think I may have some more brain power to blog tomorrow, we’ll see 🙂


“The Day After”, “Payday”, “Tapped Out”, “Hit A Wall”….

Couldn’t decide what to title this post, so I chose several.

I had a very unusual weekend (for me) in that I was busy Thursday night after a long day of work, busy all day Friday, and all day Saturday. These were commitments I very much wanted to do, but also was very worried about for several weeks not sure how my energy would hold up. I was excited to go to a conference that I registered for almost two months ago, and I knew it would be very spiritually uplifting. Also my Bible study was having a day retreat and I had never been on one before because, you know, tired…. So darn it I was going to have some fun!

So at the beginning of the week I kicked it off with a bunch of body pain/inflammation/increased fatigue, just, you know, because…. Halfway through Wednesday I actually hit a wall with my head buzzing, terrible fatigue, vertigo, basically “toxic” and tired on a crazy level. I had to go home and take a nap, which if you know me I really don’t nap. Thursday’s work day went a bit better although I still didn’t feel quite “present”.

Thursday night was the first session of the conference I was excited to go to, but I felt kind of detached sitting there and was having difficulty getting into the right state to receive what I was hearing. It was still good though but I didn’t get home until around 10:45pm and was super tired. I probably fell asleep 11:45’ish having to wake up the next morning at 7:00am. But did I wake up at 7 you ask? Well no I woke up at about 5:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Back to the conference at 9:00am for the first session of the day. It did end up being a great experience and was very uplifting but I did peter out and couldn’t last for the evening session. I went home and took…….another nap! When I woke up my body pain and swelling were so bad I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the next day. I did a 60 minute session in the infrared sauna and blessedly it reduced the pain by about 50%.

Got up early the next morning and felt a lot better and ended up having a good day trip to Whidbey Island. I am glad I did everything I did, because it is frustrating never doing anything!! I was really proud of myself how well I actually did on Saturday with energy and stamina.

But today…… I feel like I have used most of my backup battery and I am super tired, all that lovely body pain and extreme inflammation is back. I really just want to sleep for a week. I know that throwing off your body’s natural rhythms with eating and drinking and activity variations can hit you pretty hard when you are dealing with an auto immune disease, so I know that has some into play.

Right now I am trying to plan for being super careful with my diet this week and making sure I don’t skip my vitamin water. Also I think I need to stay disciplined and keep up with sauna sessions. Emotionally I am a mix right now; It is easy to feel down when you pay with so much suffering doing activities that all the “normal people” do. But I just came our of a conference that was all about shifting your perspective to that of Christ, and “there are no problems without and equal amount of grace and provision”. So, I’m hurtin’ but I am looking for an equal amount of promise and possibility.