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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Your story is very familiar to ours. We have struggled with Lyme Disease as well as living in a home with toxic mold. We are working through the Shoemaker Protocol for Biotoxin Illness. My daughter who struggled the most with Lyme has been having symptoms of Depersonalization and Derealization for the last 3 years. We had to move out of our home to fix the problem and now are moved back in and starting the Shoemaker treatments again. This DP/DR is really horrific and debilitating for her. How are your Depersonalization symptoms doing now? We are trying to treat the symptoms while we treat the underlying cause of Lyme and/or mold.

    How are you doing now? and what have you found to be helpful with this DP/DR?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Julie, thank you for contacting me. I am so sorry your family is suffering so much. I am trying to figure out how to answer your question. I really don’t think you can overcome the apathy without Lyme/Lyme Coinfection treatment for your brain because that is the underlying cause. For me being treated for Bartonella in my brain and brain stem have made the biggest difference. The only other thing that has kept me hanging on is my relationship with God. Because when your emotions, mind and body fail you what is left if your spirit and I have given mine to Christ. It has been this that has been a beacon of truth when my mind is a jumble. I hope you have a good doctor that is able to treat your Lyme, mold and whatever else is going on

  2. Thanks for your reply, Jennifer! Thank you for the spiritual encouragement as well. My daughter one time said to me that she wouldn’t have such a close relationship with God if it weren’t for all this suffering. Now, we are just holding on and hoping that she will not feel like God has abandoned her in this. She has said that when she gets better, that she is going to help other people get through this stuff, just like you are doing! So she must have hope to say something like that!

    She was treated for Lyme and Coinfections, but perhaps there is more work to be done. We will be going to Quest Labs this month for more testing on that.

    Just one more question….Did you work through the Shoemaker Protocol? If yes….did it help you?

    Thanks much!

    • Hi Julie, so glad your daughter has a relationship with God. He does have specific plans for those who suffer to help and encourage others.
      I was on cholestyramine for mold (which is recommended by Shoemaker)

  3. OK. Thanks for letting me know that you didn’t go through the complete protocol. There are about 13 or 14 steps to the protocol, and we’ve come this far and are not going to quit until we get to the end and see if it works. I was happy to hear that you didn’t go through the whole protocol only to find out that it didn’t work for you.

    Once we complete the protocol, then I will be able to give testimony as to how well it worked for us.

    Bless you!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It gives newbies like myself some hope. I have been diagnosed with Lyme Complex (Lyme/Bart/Babs) and have the symptoms of Lipedema/Dercums as well. I am sure they are related, as you can understand from your own experiences. Do you have any advise as I start treatment? I was diagnosed while pregnant and have a 6 week old and will start treatment in the next month or two. My worst symptoms are pain in my fat and memory loss. Any encouragement would be appreciated!

  5. Jennifer, I just came across your BLOG and I want to say thank you for writing it! I am going to read the whole thing but what I have read to date resonates so much with me. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart. This lyme disease thing can be very isolating and it is wonderful to read your words and not feel all alone. xo

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