A Hope For A New Year

So much has changed since exactly one year ago;
I am not hopeless
I am not depressed
I am not mostly bedridden
I have a job
The “life” is coming back into my life
So much has happened this year internally and externally.

I must say that for the first time in about a decade I am spending the 31st not lamenting being a year older and another year gone, but instead having so much hope for this next year and what it will bring.
I can see how far God has taken me as a person, how much I have grown. I am stronger and have more faith, I am wiser, I have learned I am an overcomer, and in refinement and trials He has taken a fragile scared weak little girl and made her something entirely different.
Then of course there is the years of illness and disease…. But I just really don’t feel like focusing on that with recovery on the horizon.
You see for the first time (maybe ever) I want to have a to do list for next year believing that God will complete the restoration of my body.

I want to spend a lot more time in study and prayer

I want to bike 40 miles

I want to go to Disneyworld

I want to go to a shooting range with my sis

I want to get my body back to its optimum weight and enjoy being active again

I want to begin the relationship with the love of my life

I want to have awesome plans for every major holiday

I want to get a passport and have some stamps in it

I want to go zip lining

I want to see fireworks from a boat

I want to spend a lot more time with the amazing friends in my life

I want to run 5 miles

I want to try archery

And for all the other things I can’t think of I at the moment I will just say whatever I do I want to LIVE


Forbidden Fruit

I hear ya

New Hope Beyond

It’s everywhere.  I look in one area then into another and I cannot avoid seeing it.  I go to the store and displays everywhere tempt my senses.  I must be strong.  I look forward as if I am wearing blinders (those “harness winkers” or leather patches that keep horses from looking to their peripheral vision) so I don’t stray from my mission.  The forbidden fruit beckons.  “No!” I will not cave.

It’s not that I can do this in my own strength, by the way.  The cravings are too great.  Every cell in my body has probably been affected at some level since I’m without the glucose and carbohydrates that provide energy to battle the infection raging therein.  Oh you thought I was writing about something sinister, didn’t you?  Nope.  It’s an elusive fungus, partially protected in a mucous-y biofilm but not sinister per se.  It is CANDIDA!  And at level 3 of 4 levels, gut…

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The Truth About Diet

A seriously good post about Lyne disease and restricted diet


Guess what?! If you have chronic illness like Lyme, there is absolutely no need to follow a restricted diet.

SIKE! For any readers not familiar with that lovely term from the 90’s, “sike” means JUST KIDDING! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to regulate the food we eat at all? Eat as much cheese, french fries, and ice cream as we could handle and not pay a price? Alas, that is just not the way the world works. The Universe is sometimes a very trying place where the things that we crave are actually not healthy for our bodies at all. WHHHYYYYY??!!! *crying and waiving fists at the sky*

Well, I’ll never figure out the nature of the Universe, but I certainly HAVE figured out (over and over and over again) that I must follow a restricted diet to thrive with infection. I am certain that is the case…

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I’m Getting Better! And When I do, I’m Throwing a Party! :D

A success story! Love hearing these

Lyme Light Fight


At this point in time, I have every hope of making a complete recovery from Lyme.  I went and saw my Lyme Doc on Wednesday, and it was by far the most encouraging appointment yet!  My symptoms have been reduced to almost minimal on most days!  😀  She even said that at this point it is a little difficult to tell whether my remaining symptoms are due to Lyme or simply due to being out-of-shape after having fought a chronic illness for 5 years.  😀  She’s continuing my treatment, since a couple of my symptoms are most likely due to Lyme.  I asked her how soon it would be until we could definitively say I’m fully recovered from Lyme, and she said that if she had to give a number, it would be four months. !!!!!!!!!!!.  What’s four months when you’ve been fighting it for five years? 😀

The four…

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As we are coming to the end of the year it is always significant for me because another year has gone by and being that my birthday falls in December 31st I am a year older on the first day of the year. This has always been bitter sweet, usually with more bitter because of all the “lost” years.
This year I am instead looking forward to God’s blessing, favor and provision over the next year. I am praying that my feet will walk in His footsteps, that I will shed any footholds of the enemy, that He will bring me to complete freedom, that He will heal my body completely and I will experience all the joy and freedom that is mine in Christ. I am also praying that I will see the fulfillment of His promises and that this will finally be the year of miracles and joy.
If you feel led to join me in this prayer it would be a blessing. Please also let me know if The Lord has put any prayers on your heart for this coming year. Now is an amazing time for God to put hope in your heart and a direction and purpose for a new year.


Adventures in Lyme: A Slosh of Virus With That Bacteria

So besides the usual daily/weekly/monthly ups and downs of chronic Lyme I had the privilege this last weekend of getting the stomach flu. Any of you get it? Not fun.
So besides the throwing up On Friday I made a big boo boo with my meds; I accidentally double dosed on my diuretics. Not a good pill to take two of if you are going to end up not being able to hold down even a sip of water all day. Sigh. So I am grateful because after going to urgent care that evening and getting some IV fluids and anti-nausea meds I felt quite a bit better. Never mind the “new” nurse who perforated the first vein and had to go for the second on the other arm…
I actually handled it pretty okay even though I’m a bit nervous with needles, I have had too many glutathione IV’s done by an ND that used butcher knives ( I swear! ) every time.
The nausea is holding on a bit still, but I’m okay.
What really struck me Friday being in a walk in clinic getting an IV is that I am immensely blessed to have never landed in the ER because of my Lyme. I have read so any of your stories and heard your suffering….the seizures, the heart issues, the organ failure, the terrifying symptoms of Lyme that have landed you in the ER again and again. My heart breaks for you when I read your blogs and sometimes I can’t handle it. I pray for you. I am a chronic Lyme sufferer but my years of illness are nothing compared to some of you long-suffering gentle souls.
So that is what the stomach flu brought me this weekend, insight.
Be strong.


Discouragement in the Midst of Healing

So it is days like today that remind me with a hard slap that I am still sick. Even though my horrible energy slump is getting better and I am doing some more things my body is still in a constant state of anger and intense inflammation.
I whine a lot on this blog about my water retention, but no joke my legs and butt look like fat suit Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. I am very serious about this, it may be a downsized version but same effect. I carry around enough water that if I change directions too fast my thighs may end up at the other end of the compass than I am facing….
Okay, I know that was a lot of whining. So even though I am super strict with my diet I am thinking I need to get downright aggressive, meaning not even having those few times a month when I have a bite of this, a bite of that, because my body is just angry, can’t detox properly, can’t methylate, has poor circulation, and obviously has a great affinity for H2O.
I am by default with all my restrictions paleo+ , meaning I take it way beyond the basic paleo diet with restrictions, but I am considering looking into the GAPS diet and seeing what that is all about and really focus on gut healing.
Ok, that is all the energy I have for tonight. Tomorrow I resume the Lyme/Candida/Leaky Gut/Mold Biotoxicity/Methylation Defect…etc fight.


Lyme Therapy in a Box, Ours Arrives Tomorrow….

This is a repost on the benefits of infrared sauna for those with Lyme. As I am sitting in one at the moment I thought it would be a good time to re-post

My Color Is Lyme


Sauna therapy for Lyme? Yes! And it helps, both according to MD recommendations and patient testimonials.

An Infrared Sauna is quite different than a regular steam sauna; a regular steam sauna can only penetrate very shallowly into the skin, whereas an infrared can go much deeper. Also with an infrared there is no uncomfortable humidity.

Pain: Infrared Saunas can help alleviate pain that comes with Lyme symptoms, it increases circulation which counteracts the body’s cytokine reaction that thickens blood and causes muscle and joint damage/pain.

Detox: One major problem with Lyme sufferers and the pain and sickness of going through treatment is trying to get rid of all the “gunk” that builds up in every area of your body. I personally have had a lot of liver trouble because it is so overwhelmed. An Infrared sauna can assist in detoxing the body. But with this you have to be careful…

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