CURE For Lyme? Yeah I Think So

Good afternoon my fellow Lymies. I want to update you all on my appointment with Dr Smith in Idaho.

After my initial visit today he found….well a lot.
Borellia in: blood, spleen, lymphatic system, tooth canals.
Babesia in: blood and spleen
Bartonella in: brain, blood, small intestine, “etc”
Lyme Virus “A” in: joints
Virus in Liver
Fungal infection in: Bronchial/lungs
Protozoa in: small intestine and pancreas
Parasites in: large intestine
Also Mercury.

Nutritional deficiencies: iron, zinc, acetylcholine, copper.

Now for the “too good to be true” part. Dr Smith does his treatments with magnetic therapy. I had my first treatment this morning, will have my next one this afternoon, and four more over the next two days. I will keep on the new supplements regimen plus a few things I was already taking from my other doctors that he said were good. I will have about 6 weeks of die-off where I probably won’t be feeling so hot, then in about 3 months he said I should feel pretty good! I will see him again in 3 months.

It is good that my other docs have done remarkable work with my sister and I so far, but according to this doc long-term antibiotics and herbal “antibiotics” can only do so much and leaves some virus and bacteria in some areas. Hence why we have always said there is no “cure” for Lyme but something more in the way of remission.

Now if I had not seen Lyme sufferers get better with my own eyes who had previously been through “conventional” treatment I would be very skeptical, but I have. Right now I have more hope for full health than I have in…, well forever.
Here’s hoping!



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