Appointment Update

2 Days past my appointment on Monday and I am already feeling so much better. I woke up Tuesday morning with my face looking a lot less puffy and a much better sense of well-being. I no longer feel that my body is in crisis mode, which is a nice feeling.

Today, Wednesday, I will just say that…um, my kidneys are working again! This is such a huge relief.  What is tough is that there is still so much water retention. My socks leave dents in my ankles or calves at the end of the day, and I swear Eastern Washington is eying my butt right now with envy

thinking it has solved it’s drought problem….. Anybody know how I can make a donation? 😉

Anyway, I am hopeful as the layers unfold that there will be a days of complete health.

Appointment Update

I am back in Washington now and a little tired after a long but enjoyable and productive weekend.

I decided to head for Idaho on Saturday so I didn’t have to drive two days in a row. This was a smart decision and I was able to relax Sunday and spend some leisurely time with my dog.

Today I had my appointment with Dr Smith and I am so glad I went. Turns out that feeling I had that my body was in distress (plus the symptoms) was right. I had a viral infection in my lower intestine, a different viral infection in my left kidney (it was only functioning at 30%), and a liver virus. These plus my MTHFR defect were causing a lot of back up and havoc. Got treated and now should be able to detox better. Apparently some things are treated in layers and this is not uncommon, which I already had some understanding of. I do feel rather Shrek-ish though….you know, “layers”.
Okay enough corny humour.

The good news is that Borellia, Bartonella and Babesia were no longer causing problems. Yay!
I still need to go for a recheck in 6 weeks and I am optimistic. Maybe I will be 15 pounds lighter if all the fluid starts dropping off 😉 been waiting for that one for a long time. A girl can dream.

Embrace The Crawl

A repost from almost exactly one year ago

My Color Is Lyme

There are places we go inside ourselves when life disappoints us…lets us down…beats us up.  When life is unbearable we explore different outlets so we can deal with it, we turn to apathy (dwelt there), we get angry (done that), we get depressed (yep), we pity ourselves (sigh, yes), we just give up on the future (totally). We can also dwell in the past reliving “the good times”, or dwell in regret, or (especially with myself) grieving lost years.

   A chronic illness will eat away at you like nothing else can; It will eat your body, eat at your mind, eat your emotions, eat your relationships, eat your spiritual life. Unless you have lived in this reality it is hard to explain the devastation.

Before I continue on I must  preempt by saying it is important to accept your illness and not be in denial. Denial is not a…

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For those wondering about Dr. Smith and Lymestop


Hi folks! There are a lot of you out there asking questions about Dr. Smith and his Lymestop treatment. I just received the message below from a fellow Lyme patient and thought you would be interested in joining this group for more information.

“I started a Facebook group for LymeStop support and information with Dr. Smith’s blessing. I’m hoping those of you who are considering it, or who have already done it, will join. Just look for “LymeStop Support and Information” on Facebook and ask to join. We are a group of patients of Dr. Smith, and potential patients. We’re also discussing other magnetic therapies. Dr. Smith has and his office staff are NOT members of the group, so everyone can speak freely. Please check us out and join. I was hoping Lyndsey would join too, as we could use more people who’ve done the treatment a while ago, not…

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