The Names of Jesus (An Advent Journey)


Day 3—Son of God

Luke 1:35 TLV
And responding, the angel said to her, “The Ruach ha-Kodesh will come upon you, and the power of Elyon will overshadow you. Therefore, the Holy One being born will be called Ben-Elohim .

We can focus in on two significant things the angel is speaking in this verse. First, Mary is being told that the Spirit of God will be performing a most miraculous sign by allowing the conception of a baby by supernatural means. Second, this child to be born to Mary will be the Son of God!

Just put yourself in Mary’s shoes for a moment. How would you respond to this? Would you laugh and say, “impossible, that can never happen”, or would you humble yourself and speak, just as Mary did in Luke 1:38 I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come…

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