Not a clue who is listening (if anyone) this blog is for me

I am definitely not a blogger, but I do enjoy writing. I am musing today, (on my little sister’s birthday) just how fast time flies, how different things are now than they were just 5 years ago or so. I think what surprises me the most is just how much I have changed, and that I am a very different person than I used to be. I am more outgoing and less reserved, I am less afraid: to speak my mind/of what others think of me/to stand up for my beliefs/to step out in faith/and probably other things as well. There are days that I simply want to "burst out" in every direction at once, when I think of all the things I want to be and do in life; traveling, having fun, having adventures, but ultimately finding my calling.
   I heard a marvelous sermon the other day from Michael Youssef,  it was about God’s "Hiding Place", a place of preparedness where He keeps those that He has big plans for, and intends to use in a special way. Michael spoke of Joseph, and how he had a vision of the future, and then all of a sudden he was kidnapped, and later in prison. But all the time God was using his time of isolation to teach and refine him. He would not have been ready for the glories of Egypt if he had not first gone into prison. Also Elijah, after some miracles he went into isolation, and fell into depression for a time. In all the stories of the men and women God has big plans for, there are years of waiting, and often isolation and hardship. It seems that God almost pulls you back from the world around you, and often there is darkness and confusion to follow. But, this is always only for a time, for God has promised He will work all things to the good of those who love Him. And those who experience the darkest times, and ultimately the greatest rewards, do so because of their willingness to be used by God in any way He deems fit, and are willing to go through the mire to do whatever God has planned.
  So my prayer to the Lord over six years ago, asking to be a woman of faith, asking for the very best of what God has for me, asking for a life that would never be luke-warm, has led me to a very difficult "hiding place". But I knew when I prayed that faith does not come by easy living, and refinement does not come without fire. So thank you Lord for honoring my prayer, a prayer that will ultimately honor Yourself. I am humbled, I am in awe, I cannot wait to see what You have in store.