Essential Oils and Lyme

Anyone have any experience with using essential oils with Lyme disease….either for symptom relief or “cure”?


Some articles that are at least of interest on the subject:




Monica's Lyme Disease Diary

Hello Everyone,

This article is one of the BEST I’ve ever read on Lyme Disease.  I believe every person in America needs to read this article to be aware of the dangers of Lyme and how to protect yourself and your family from it.  Please read and share with as many people as you can.  PLEASE also pray for the HEALING of Ana Harris from Lyme…who is the inspiration behind the article. ❤

Thanks so much!



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Who/What/When/Where/Why: Everything You Could Want to Know About DETOXING

If you’ve had Lyme for a while you know how important detoxing is. If you are new to Lyme, you may not. I didn’t know about the importance of detoxing until over a year into treatment! But let’s back up a few steps. Detoxing is not only important for those with Lyme disease, it is important for EVERYONE. Why? Because our environment is filled with toxins that are getting into your body! How? Through pollutants in the air, the water you drink (if it is from the tap it contains antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals), the products you put on your skin (if not using all natural products), and the food you eat (especially if you are not eating organic).

Everyone needs to detox as our environment in general is filled with chemicals that your body isn’t meant to have in it. But many of those with Lyme…

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