“Good Life” and Other Challenges

*disclaimer: after reading a friend’s post today about her intense suffering with Lyme I have nothing to complain about, nothing.

This has been a tough week, good in some ways but tough. Work has been a little more challenging but I don’t mind that, I actually enjoy it. It has been my body that has been a struggle. Now I will go a little into TMI territory because it really is a huge factor… (gentlemen you may leave the room).

So starting Wednesday night it is now that blessed time of the month all we girls go through. For me it is always really tough, lots inflammation external and internal, and a lot of pain. I am on herbal support for this from my natural doctor, but the first two days I still end up taking enough advil that it is a wonder I don’t bleed out my eyes. I always deal with terrible inflammation but during this time it is always so much worse.

Anyway, Wednesday night it did make sense why I had been feeling worse this week and I was SUPER ticked off. Today of all days when Thursday night I was going to attend my first concert in like 5-7 years. Drumroll….. One Republic! I had bought tickets months ago (of course at the time I had all these lofty plans about being a bit healthier by June…..yeah right).

So Thursday I made it through work popping advil and my herbal support like skittles, my body swollen and in pain, my shoes getting so tight I actually took them off a few times, but I was not going to miss this concert. At the end of the day I drove the 26 miles from my work to the venue, which took 2 hours! You know when they say Seattle has some of the worst traffic? It’s true. But I did make it a few minutes after 7pm (concert started at 7), but there was almost no parking and I drove around for about 15 minutes trying to find a lot that didn’t cost $20. I did eventually and parked in a (score) $5 slot. So then I had to wait for my sister who was having her own struggles getting there, and also was feeling pretty horrible from her Lyme struggles (what a pair). But these two sick girls were not going to miss this concert because we both say no to so much and end up bailing on plans all the time.

So we finally both made it in at about 7:45pm, thankfully we only missed an opening band, and not even the marqueed opening band (The Script) who were really good by the way.

After that we were both able to enjoy ourselves through our misery. I don’t say this often but my body was on fire with deep tissue pain and inflammation. So it was a mixed evening of frustration, illness and pain, offset by a great concert. One Republic is really amazing and I love them even more after last night.

Today is all about recovery, some sauna and lots of fluids. Enjoy the following….







2 thoughts on ““Good Life” and Other Challenges

  1. So glad you toughed it out and went with your sister. Not only a memorable concert but a special memory for the two of you who know how significant that night really was. Sometimes we gotta push the boundaries, eh? Wishing you some sweet recovery my dear! :J

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