I have not pressed in a while. This is partly good because in some ways I have been doing a little better, but everything balances out because for everything “I do” I have to trade it for an” I don’t”

Case in point weekend before last I overloaded myself a bit and had….gasp, 3 activities in one weekend. It was a lofty goal but what is sad is that I had to miss out on one because I simply ran out of energy. I can’t complain too much because I have been feeling a bit better, but with that little extra alertness I think I am also burning out at the end of the day the same way but with a little less fog and malaise.

So I am curious what causes some of the symptoms I feel when I get numb with fatigue….

blurry vision

trouble with word recollection


deteriorated hearing

confusion with direction

increased inflammation and body pain

I get really quiet and don’t feel like talking (and other stuff I can’t think of because I’m tired right now)


Now, I fully realize that all these and many more are just common symptoms of Lyme, but I sort of wonder why they increase greatly with fatigue. Maybe every activity causes minor herx reactions….

I think I may have some more brain power to blog tomorrow, we’ll see 🙂



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