Thanksgiving In Recovery

Today is tough isn’t it? For many reasons; we can’t eat the food we want to eat, we may be stuck at home to sick to go out, we might be to tired to interact with others…and holidays are hard especially for the chronically ill when we see others enjoying their lives and being “normal” when we feel stuck in a time warp.
This year for me thankfully was better than last year, last year was one of the worst of my life. This year I am functioning better, I’m still tired but much better energy, weight is coming down, body pain is hugely improved, my vision is better…
Today though at the family gathering I was feeling the effects of some inflammation and fatigue, I wasn’t feeling that talkative, although I did my best. I was feeling a bit fuzzy in the head and sleepy. I was able to stick completely to my diet, although I am still getting a terrible inflammatory response it seems no matter what I eat, this is driving me crazy.
What is really hard is seeing everyone else move on with their lives and relationships, and here I am all by myself. Easy to throw a pity party because it hurts so very badly, but I am hopeful that next year will be different because I am getting better!
So I am kind of sad and grateful tonight.
I am hoping all you other CII (chronic invisible illness) sufferers out there had a good day.


The Swelling is coming, The Swelling is coming!

So the bane of my existence (inflammation/water retention/edema) is rearing it’s ugly head in a bad way today. Now I would have to say it has been persistent for about the last 8 years, it goes up and down, down and up….but always there. Now there are certain things that I know will make it worse, those things are pretty much all food related, but that doesn’t count for all the times I have no idea why I blow up, why my legs feel and look like jello, and why I can’t get the words “water bed” out of my head when I look at my arms.
I know that cytokines, mold toxins, candida and the rest….can cause this, but seriously stop already!
I have been on herbal treatments of all sorts, have been on hchlorothiazide for years….I just want an end to this.
Shout out to other autoimmune sufferers; do you deal with this? Have you found anything that helps?

(Photo isn’t my arm, I would be too embarrassed, but I do have underhang)


Can’t Get Off The Couch, Could It Be…..Candida?

So I have posted about my setback with fatigue and other symptoms; It kind of hit like a brick wall about 2 months ago, and started easing up just a little as the weeks went on but something was horribly wrong…
shadow of me

So I have had several different doctor appointments between then and now, and some fun tests, and along with all the methylation issues and detox pathways, it looks like the main culprit is my old friend Candida.

Yeast and Lyme

My LLMD said that up to 90% of his Lyme patients that are at this stage in the game and have a setback like I described are dealing with candida resurgence. So I am now 8 days back on Diflucan(Fluconozole), and I am feeling better! Apparently candida can also cause your cytokines to go crazy, and we all know the trouble that causes!
So I am guarding my energy carefully and hope that there are better times ahead.

The Runaway Truck…..(read for free giveaway – Day 1)

Absolutely beautiful post!

Just Living LIke This with LYME

ImageI was cruising through life in the fast lane – coasting downhill before I got hit with Lyme disease. Negotiating happily through life, taking my health for granted every day. Until one minute I found myself staring at the “seam” of a jack-knifed truck on the side of the mountain – Lyme disease.

Let me digress and tell you about the jack knifed semitruck…..

Decades ago, I was on a caravan road trip with two girlfriends in three cars from Missouri to Atlanta, Georgia. For those of you who have never travelled through central and eastern Tennessee, highway 24 traverses the infamous Mt. Eagle Pass. Straight through the Smoky Mountain National Forest and over Mt. Eagle – what goes up, must come down. Not as severe as some of the highways through the Rockies, but the down slope has its share of truck runaway ramps and severe grades.

I was…

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Yummy Evening Treat Invention

I love persimmons! I have always enjoyed them this time of year. Although I am mostly fruit-free right now I am allowing myself to have my favorite fruit.

So here is tonight’s fall time warm and spicy treat invention:

Warm Persimmon Spice Yogurt

1 large fuyu persimmon peeled and cubed
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cardamom
1/2 dropper liquid stevia in English toffee flavor (Sweet Drops)
2-3 packets truvia
1/2 tsp butterscotch flavor (Frontier all natural)
3/4 cup goat milk yogurt (plain unsweetened)

Put prepared persimmon in microwave safe bowl with the spices and sweetener. Microwave for about a minute and a half to two minutes (persimmon will create its own moisture as it cooks).
Add butterscotch flavor and goat milk and stir.
Sweet and spicy, warm and creamy!


Stumbling Blocks, Brick Walls, Downturns…and Methylation

So it’s funny this is something my natural care doctor talked to me about several weeks ago (in the middle of my slump), and she started me on the Methylguard by Thorne. She also wants me to do the blood test MTHFR. So, this article explains it all much better than I can, if you are having bad die off, herx, worse fatigue, whatever…read on.