A Little Health Update

A little health update:

So things have been progressing well with the health journey; It would seem the Lyme and the viral co infections are under control and dare I say… Possibly gone? I am seeing an amazing ND at a clinic that specializes in cancer, genetics and autoimmune disease to take care of the wreckage that the last few decades have left behind and rebuild my immune system.

With them I have had a bunch of additional extensive blood work and found lots of autoimmune related food allergies limiting my diet even further than before 😛 but this is temporal and will get better when the reactions get under control and the leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability) heals. Getting the LG under control will be major because toxins are pouring into my bloodstream whenever I eat or drink anything being that the natural barrier has broken down. This is probably a major culprit of all the swelling and edema. 

Today I am in for the results of yet another blood test evaluating my mineral levels, bacterium, metabolism and other things. I have some bad bacteria that are a little out of control that we will be working on along with other things.
I am starting the first of a series of IV treatments today (ouch) that should be great boosts!

Praise God I am on the last leg of a multi-decade journey. Praise Him that He has changed me inwardly on my outlook on life and taught me so much.
The only question now remains; what does He have for me next?