Turmeric Ice Cream

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My Color Is Lyme

On my way home from work I suddenly got a craving for turmeric ice cream. I have been making myself turmeric tea a few times a week (with some slight modifications): http://nourishedkitchen.com/golden-tea-turmeric-ginger-tea-coconut-milk/     So I thought making ice cream would be no big deal…and it turned out great!!


Image  2 pieces fresh raw turmeric (about 1 1/2 inches long)

Image 1 piece fresh cut raw ginger (about 1/2 inch long)

Image 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

At this point put the above ingredients in your Vitamix (or comparable blender) and blend on high until turmeric and ginger are annihilated. Pour liquid through a fine mesh strainer to get rid of any sediment, then pour liquid back into blender and add:

Image 1/3 cup organic full fat coconut milk

Image 8 packets truvia

Image  1 dropper liquid stevia

Image small sprinkle salt

Image 1 Tablespoon unflavored gelatin

Image 1/4 teaspoon guar gum

Image 1 tablespoon manuka honey

Blend everything…

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Your Cell Phone Might Be Killing You…

A shout out to Laurie who messaged me after reading my blog and sent me a link to this video. I have read some papers by Klinghardt before and knew how he felt about Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and the correlation to Lyme. But as this video suggests not only do Lyme bacteria thrive on EMFs, but so does mold. So if you’re suffering from biotoxic illness reducing your exposure to EMFs is also a must.



The agony and the….agony

So it’s been a rough start to the year, aaaand it’s been a bit rougher the last 6 weeks, aaaaand rougher still the last few days.

So I posted (I think) about my body having been in a rougher state since a bunch of stress beginning of April…physical and emotional, med change, chemical exposure…But the past few days have been super rough with water retention and pain. Yesterday and today have been acute, super bad water retention and pain especially in my legs. Just sitting causes loss of circulation in my legs and feet and I have a lot of muscle and deep tissue pain along with “tingling/pin pricks” all over (my arms too but not as bad).
I had an event today that I was not going to miss under any circumstances. I was able to go and enjoy myself but had to try and ignore the pain in my legs and feeling they were so “tight” it is harder to bend them. My chief complaint is always my legs because they seem to be the most effected and painful, but my face is puffy and my arms are very swollen as well.

I am just wanting an end and an answer to this. I know there is something going on that is either getting missed or needs to be addressed a different way. I know this is my body overacting to literally everything, being “angry” all the time.
I am lying in bed right now doing nothing…feels like I ran a marathon. So far a more committed routine this past week of veggie juicing, 1 hour infrared sauna sessions and new anti yeast meds are either making me worse or causing a wave of herx misery, don’t know which is right.

Okay rant done!! Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I will find the magic spigot tomorrow.

Tried to wear something long enough to cover up my “sausages”, but dang I still look swollen, and a bit of a case of moon face.

9 Must-Have Apps for a Chronic Illness

very cool, need to try some of these

Lyme Light Fight

A chronic illness is never easy to manage, but with today’s modern technology, we have a little help.  Below I have listed several apps that I have used and found useful.  Look through the list and see if there’s something here that could make your life easier; and if you don’t see one that should be on the list, comment or email me and I’ll try it out.  🙂

1. Water Your Body

water your body

I loved this app.  It has a simple interface, you select the container size you normally drink water from then just tap on the icon every time you drink water.  When you start, it asks for your weight and gives you an exact amount of water you should be drinking every day based on your size.  If you aren’t drinking enough, it will send you little reminders that pop up on your phone telling you to drink…

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Stumbling Blocks, Brick Walls, Downturns…and Methylation

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My Color Is Lyme

So it’s funny this is something my natural care doctor talked to me about several weeks ago (in the middle of my slump), and she started me on the Methylguard by Thorne. She also wants me to do the blood test MTHFR. So, this article explains it all much better than I can, if you are having bad die off, herx, worse fatigue, whatever…read on.



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