The Runaway Truck…..(read for free giveaway – Day 1)

Absolutely beautiful post!

Just Living LIke This with LYME

ImageI was cruising through life in the fast lane – coasting downhill before I got hit with Lyme disease. Negotiating happily through life, taking my health for granted every day. Until one minute I found myself staring at the “seam” of a jack-knifed truck on the side of the mountain – Lyme disease.

Let me digress and tell you about the jack knifed semitruck…..

Decades ago, I was on a caravan road trip with two girlfriends in three cars from Missouri to Atlanta, Georgia. For those of you who have never travelled through central and eastern Tennessee, highway 24 traverses the infamous Mt. Eagle Pass. Straight through the Smoky Mountain National Forest and over Mt. Eagle – what goes up, must come down. Not as severe as some of the highways through the Rockies, but the down slope has its share of truck runaway ramps and severe grades.

I was…

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