Can’t Get Off The Couch, Could It Be…..Candida?

So I have posted about my setback with fatigue and other symptoms; It kind of hit like a brick wall about 2 months ago, and started easing up just a little as the weeks went on but something was horribly wrong…
shadow of me

So I have had several different doctor appointments between then and now, and some fun tests, and along with all the methylation issues and detox pathways, it looks like the main culprit is my old friend Candida.

Yeast and Lyme

My LLMD said that up to 90% of his Lyme patients that are at this stage in the game and have a setback like I described are dealing with candida resurgence. So I am now 8 days back on Diflucan(Fluconozole), and I am feeling better! Apparently candida can also cause your cytokines to go crazy, and we all know the trouble that causes!
So I am guarding my energy carefully and hope that there are better times ahead.