Lyme Brain and What To Do

We have all (most?) experienced “Lyme Brain”…that generalized fog that keeps you feeling just to the left of reality… that inability to recall simple things or words….that moment in the middle of a conversation when you aren’t sure what you were going to say….those times when you are writing or typing and can’t spell/get really dyslexic. These are just a few of many neurological symptoms of Lyme borreliosis or it’s related coinfections. While proper treatment is the only way to get better, there are some supplements to help and repair brain function, so I am sharing this article by a very successful LLMD:

My Brain Isn’t Working!


Fibromyalgia The REAL Story?

Originally posted on Fox News, this is really an eye opening article on Fibromyalgia and the possible real causes, rather than western medicine’s “band aid” drugs for what is a symptom, not a disease.