A Little Help From Our Friends

Blessedly my sister Holly and I are doing better, but the Lyme care must continue until completion. Holly is still doing her antibiotic injections while I continue to take them orally. We are both still taking a lot of support for liver, thyroid, adrenals, kidneys…. and all the other organs and systems that need support to make it through this journey. It remains vastly expensive and we are looking to being at the end of funds. Holly and I are both blessed to owe our very lives to our amazing doctors, but mostly to our parents Paul and Joanne. The financial toll has been huge over the last year and a half, treatment for both of us has been over 100,000, and in a few months my sister and I will not be able to continue any treatment that will be needed. If you could please pass on and share this post it would be much appreciated. And if you are able to help support us even in a small amount we would be very grateful.



Better Days 🙂