Immunity Essential Oil Blend

So I stumbled upon this article (leading to a website where you can purchase of course) a “miracle” immunity and flu prevention essential oil blend. (Made by what seems to be a small but high quality company, not the “big Two” we all know).
So anyway after reading testimonials of people fending off colds and flu and people who were sick and recovering quickly with using this blend; I finally found what was in it! There was of course no “recipe” for how much of each ingredient, but I am fairly savvy with essential oils (hot versus not, strength and usage). So I made my own flu/immunity blend and I want to share with everyone! 
Here are the oils and ratios I used:

Lime 40 drops

Lemon 40 drops

Spearmint 20 drops

Peppermint 20 drops

Eucalyptus 20 drops

Rosemary 20 drops

Cinnamon 15 drops

Oregano 8 drops

Clove 20 drops

Mix together in a bottle and apply as liberally as you are comfortable to chest and bottoms of feet (being careful on chest being that oregano and cinnamon are “hot” oils). Also inhale off and on, and a drop or two on throat if sore throat is coming on. You can also diffuse into the air. 
Both my parents are desperately ill and (so far, fingers crossed and prayers offered up) I haven’t gotten it yet.
I recommend only using doterra or Young Living brands as all others do not have the quality or purity or high standards. You do get what you pay for! I have test purchased from other lesser known “high end” companies that had good ratings, and found them lacking. 
* of course you still need to do all the usual:

Drinks lots of water

Take a ton of vitamin C

Get enough sleep

Wash your hands often

Avoid touching your nose

Eat cleanly 

Chronic Lyme Sufferers Ask “Should I Get The Flu Vaccine?”

I personally do not believe in most vaccines mostly because of what is in them, but also the fact that if you are immuno- compromised taking another “hit” from a vaccine really is harder on your body even than getting sick. I have some experience with this with the Hep B vaccine. A couple years ago I needed to get Hep B vaccinated for a job, Dr Ross LLMD recommended that it would be best if I didn’t but he understood if I didn’t have a choice. Well I went ahead and got the first in the series and it made all my symptoms so much worse I really couldn’t work anyway.

Here is Dr Ross’ article on why he wouldn’t recommend vaccinating:


Combatting The Flu, the Lymie Way

The Flu has been flying around like crazy, (probably quite literally blowing in the wind from person to person). I am not sure about the rest of the country but here in Washington a lot of people have been coming down with it. Alas, it is now my turn.  I got it from my mother, who picked it up in the hospital. The last few weeks have been tough for her, with a blood clot in her lung and leg, then getting the flu. She is doing okay thankfully despite having to go in for a lot of blood draws and being horribly sick with this flu.

Anyway for me It started when I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, sneezing and runny nose. Later in the day a headache and ear pain, swollen and painful lymph nodes, and started feeling feverish. So far it has not gone down into my chest. I am doing everything I can to combat this thing naturally. Taking my homemade vitamin water ( tons of C, Calcium, magnesium, boron, potassium). Also Vitamin D and Beta Carotene. All this of course beyond all my Lyme stuff.

From my LLMD I am taking the flu prevention protocol:


Also I am using both these recommended homeopathic nasal sprays


I am diffusing some essential oils.


I am using a few different oils, peppermint, bergamot, lemongrass and Young Living Purification. These seem to help make my nose and lungs feel clearer.

And Finally my homemade detox and immune support juice! (thankfully I had just made a big batch before getting sick)


Beets, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Ginger, Tumeric, Green Apple, Orange

I have to say that yes I am sick, but I have been able to breathe through my nose very well and my chest is clear. I think (hope) that the above regimen will keep this thing from getting very bad. 

Adventures in Lyme: A Slosh of Virus With That Bacteria

So besides the usual daily/weekly/monthly ups and downs of chronic Lyme I had the privilege this last weekend of getting the stomach flu. Any of you get it? Not fun.
So besides the throwing up On Friday I made a big boo boo with my meds; I accidentally double dosed on my diuretics. Not a good pill to take two of if you are going to end up not being able to hold down even a sip of water all day. Sigh. So I am grateful because after going to urgent care that evening and getting some IV fluids and anti-nausea meds I felt quite a bit better. Never mind the “new” nurse who perforated the first vein and had to go for the second on the other arm…
I actually handled it pretty okay even though I’m a bit nervous with needles, I have had too many glutathione IV’s done by an ND that used butcher knives ( I swear! ) every time.
The nausea is holding on a bit still, but I’m okay.
What really struck me Friday being in a walk in clinic getting an IV is that I am immensely blessed to have never landed in the ER because of my Lyme. I have read so any of your stories and heard your suffering….the seizures, the heart issues, the organ failure, the terrifying symptoms of Lyme that have landed you in the ER again and again. My heart breaks for you when I read your blogs and sometimes I can’t handle it. I pray for you. I am a chronic Lyme sufferer but my years of illness are nothing compared to some of you long-suffering gentle souls.
So that is what the stomach flu brought me this weekend, insight.
Be strong.


The Battle Rages On….Fatigue, Ice Cream and Viruses!


I have had a really rough 4-6 weeks of fatigue and poor willpower…
Fatigue goes along with Lyme anyway, but besides that I think I have had a few nutritional deficiencies sneaking up on me, plus my immune system has been battling whatever viruses are going around, this all adds up to extra fatigue. So what that partially means for me is food cravings combined with weakened will power, that lead to diet cheats that make me feel worse, ugh!
So what happens in those terribly weak “I can’t carry on” moments is that I am tired, so I want to eat for energy, which usually doesn’t do me much good. Also I tell myself “darn it you deserve it!”, or “normal people can eat this stuff and you are getting better, so you have a right to!” or “I know I felt horrible when I ate that last time, but that was a while ago, maybe you are better now” or “I don’t care how I feel tomorrow I have a right to enjoy that right now!”. Many other conversations and excuses go on in my head. The problem is when I am of sound mind and not feeling weak and horrible I can combat food cravings with knowledge and logic, but when the brains is fuzzy and the body is tired that ice cream just seems so logical….

Today, right now this moment I am still battling ongoing fatigue and I feel a cold coming on with snifflies, chills and sore throat, and I want ice cream!!!

Now what I am asking from everyone reading this is to be my logical mind for me right now, because I have not been to Cold Stone Creamery in years, and they have this marshmallow ice cream right now….

But I am trying to reduce my inflammation, starve any candida, lose those last 20 pounds, not make myself sick for weeks after messing up…….but MARSHMALLOW ice cream! I don’t want to set myself up for failure and swell way up, and gain any weight, and (MARSHMALLOW ice cream!!!!).

Any of you deal with this tug of war????