Fight Candida….Naturally

How is is that I have not seen this article until now ?!?!? Food Matters wrote this excellent article on how to beat candida naturally, diet (of course) but also some things that feed and fight it that I didn’t know about.


Acidosis & Cytokines, Pain and Inflammation

So in my current little slump I have been having worse pain and inflammation and fatigue. I am back on treatment right now for candida, but it only makes some difference. On Monday my doctor told me she felt I was in acidosis. Now I am familiar with the acidic/alkaline body balance and food list, but I have not given it the attention it deserves. Even though my diet is strict to the nth degree I find I tend to crave and eat mostly acidic foods. So I am going to try and do a lot better at keeping my body more alkaline and eat mostly alkaline foods.

This is important for my current discomfort and healing, but also because of proven research that disease and cancers thrive in an acidic environment. A few good links:

Click to access acid-alkaline-food-chart.pdf

Also acidosis seems to greatly increase cytokines, which is a familiar word by now for the Lymie:







Diet For Autoimmune Diseases Published Study


I had to share this post thanks to Paleo Mom. It is a study on the effects of a Paleo Autoimmune Protocol for patients with autoimmune diseases. I follow a pretty strict elimination diet that falls into this category.


Another Day, Still Tired

Image                               Quick check in for the beginning of this week.

Well here it is another night and I am in bed by 9pm. Not sleeping yet but I usually spend several hours every night quietly in my room in front of the tv and laptop. Whether or not I have had a busy day I seem to end up tired at the end of the day, so here I am.

As far as energy I seem to be at my best late morning to early evening, before and after that I’m pretty tired. I am curious, a question for you Lymies out there: what are your energy peaks and flows? What helps? What makes it worse?

I know keeping my body super clean food-wise helps but it’s not the only answer. I live in a delicate balance with my persnickety little liver and those genetic detox inhibitors as well beyond just the Lyme. Kind of stinks that, say, something like a little touch of MSG can put me down for weeks 😛

So I will try and press on and get out of this slump, drink my homemade juice and eat my leafy greens

Thanksgiving In Recovery

Today is tough isn’t it? For many reasons; we can’t eat the food we want to eat, we may be stuck at home to sick to go out, we might be to tired to interact with others…and holidays are hard especially for the chronically ill when we see others enjoying their lives and being “normal” when we feel stuck in a time warp.
This year for me thankfully was better than last year, last year was one of the worst of my life. This year I am functioning better, I’m still tired but much better energy, weight is coming down, body pain is hugely improved, my vision is better…
Today though at the family gathering I was feeling the effects of some inflammation and fatigue, I wasn’t feeling that talkative, although I did my best. I was feeling a bit fuzzy in the head and sleepy. I was able to stick completely to my diet, although I am still getting a terrible inflammatory response it seems no matter what I eat, this is driving me crazy.
What is really hard is seeing everyone else move on with their lives and relationships, and here I am all by myself. Easy to throw a pity party because it hurts so very badly, but I am hopeful that next year will be different because I am getting better!
So I am kind of sad and grateful tonight.
I am hoping all you other CII (chronic invisible illness) sufferers out there had a good day.


Cleansing Juice

The color may be off putting (this is what happens when you combine red and green), but it tastes pretty good.

I am going to be trying to do a lot of cleansing to (hopefully) get me past this little health slump.

My cleansing juice:

2 red beets
2 golden beets
1 bunch celery
1 apple
Half a container (Costco size) spinach
1/3 bag (Costco size) baby kale
Fresh ginger
1 large cucumber
A bunch of baby carrots (didn’t measure)
1 large bunch parsley



Friends, during your illness have you/do you have periods of time where you are just plain stuck? I don’t mean the general autoimmune troubles that sort of never go away but instead ebb and flow. I mean have you had times where you maybe feel some positive changes for a period of time and then SPLAT! Hit a wall with your progress?
Sudden fatigue, toxic feeling, crazy cravings, mood swings, brain fog…….you know, all the good stuff.
I have been in this state for about 6 weeks or so now after having a couple months of an upswing. I honestly have no idea what happened. Environmental toxin? Hostile spirochete resurgence? Metabolic meltdown? Adrenal fatigue? Detox pathway traffic jam?
That is what I and my doctor are trying to figure out. I just had another (sigh) test and I will be going over the results with my doctor Monday November 11th. Hopefully it will provide some insights so I can get back to the top of that hill. Cuz’ although I was sick of climbing it before, reaching the top only to slide down part way covered in mud and bruises is a hard hit to take.
I am persevering, leaning on God, carrying on… What is strange is that I have had a lot of peace and joy (in between the emotional crying and desperation), so I know that God is teaching me. Boy oh boy will I be well taught by the time I’m well, just looking forward to that day. Will keep you posted
PS also had a weird case of vertigo today.