Acidosis & Cytokines, Pain and Inflammation

So in my current little slump I have been having worse pain and inflammation and fatigue. I am back on treatment right now for candida, but it only makes some difference. On Monday my doctor told me she felt I was in acidosis. Now I am familiar with the acidic/alkaline body balance and food list, but I have not given it the attention it deserves. Even though my diet is strict to the nth degree I find I tend to crave and eat mostly acidic foods. So I am going to try and do a lot better at keeping my body more alkaline and eat mostly alkaline foods.

This is important for my current discomfort and healing, but also because of proven research that disease and cancers thrive in an acidic environment. A few good links:

Click to access acid-alkaline-food-chart.pdf

Also acidosis seems to greatly increase cytokines, which is a familiar word by now for the Lymie:







Another Day, Still Tired

Image                               Quick check in for the beginning of this week.

Well here it is another night and I am in bed by 9pm. Not sleeping yet but I usually spend several hours every night quietly in my room in front of the tv and laptop. Whether or not I have had a busy day I seem to end up tired at the end of the day, so here I am.

As far as energy I seem to be at my best late morning to early evening, before and after that I’m pretty tired. I am curious, a question for you Lymies out there: what are your energy peaks and flows? What helps? What makes it worse?

I know keeping my body super clean food-wise helps but it’s not the only answer. I live in a delicate balance with my persnickety little liver and those genetic detox inhibitors as well beyond just the Lyme. Kind of stinks that, say, something like a little touch of MSG can put me down for weeks 😛

So I will try and press on and get out of this slump, drink my homemade juice and eat my leafy greens

Sick and Defective

So I have met with my LLMD just recently specifically to address my chronic inflammation/water retention/swelling. We are exploring a few things…
I know a couple I have talked about before; cytokines are high because of the Lyme and candida, toxins, mold build up, etc. But he also wanted to run some (more) bloodwork to test my liver and kidneys, and also to see if I have the MTHFR defect (original article here Methylation )
So it turns out that yes I do have this defect, but also he brought up another idea, the fact that Lyme attacks connective tissue and as that has been destroyed water can seep into places it normally shouldn’t be and then just sits there. He has a few ideas, one being to draw more water into the bloodstream so it can actually move. Two supplementing with hyaluronic acid to help regrow some connective tissue.
So I need to follow up with him now that my blood test has come back, we shall see how it goes.

On a side note I am pulling out of the horrible slump, with much help from Fluconozole.


The Swelling is coming, The Swelling is coming!

So the bane of my existence (inflammation/water retention/edema) is rearing it’s ugly head in a bad way today. Now I would have to say it has been persistent for about the last 8 years, it goes up and down, down and up….but always there. Now there are certain things that I know will make it worse, those things are pretty much all food related, but that doesn’t count for all the times I have no idea why I blow up, why my legs feel and look like jello, and why I can’t get the words “water bed” out of my head when I look at my arms.
I know that cytokines, mold toxins, candida and the rest….can cause this, but seriously stop already!
I have been on herbal treatments of all sorts, have been on hchlorothiazide for years….I just want an end to this.
Shout out to other autoimmune sufferers; do you deal with this? Have you found anything that helps?

(Photo isn’t my arm, I would be too embarrassed, but I do have underhang)


Can’t Get Off The Couch, Could It Be…..Candida?

So I have posted about my setback with fatigue and other symptoms; It kind of hit like a brick wall about 2 months ago, and started easing up just a little as the weeks went on but something was horribly wrong…
shadow of me

So I have had several different doctor appointments between then and now, and some fun tests, and along with all the methylation issues and detox pathways, it looks like the main culprit is my old friend Candida.

Yeast and Lyme

My LLMD said that up to 90% of his Lyme patients that are at this stage in the game and have a setback like I described are dealing with candida resurgence. So I am now 8 days back on Diflucan(Fluconozole), and I am feeling better! Apparently candida can also cause your cytokines to go crazy, and we all know the trouble that causes!
So I am guarding my energy carefully and hope that there are better times ahead.