Have your Psychiatrist Shake Hands With Your Gastroenterologist…huh?

This article is a very interesting read about the connection between your digestive health and psychiatric disorders. Are they all related? Well no of course not, but it is interesting. After all, those reading this with autoimmune disorders that involve gut troubles know when you are having trouble, um, you know….moving, your head gets really foggy and you can’t think straight and every other symptom you have is greatly exacerbated.
Link to ABC News Gut To Brain Article


A Bad Week To Live In My Body


Last week was a decent week, I had a little more energy and mental clarity and my inflammation was down a bit. Contrast to this week where coming out of a weekend experiencing some of the worst fatigue I have had in 6 months, and almost literally doing nothing but sleep…..was pretty terrible. Beginning Monday with starting a bad…um “girl” time, and leading into Tuesday when my digestive system just pretty much stopped up and shut down, followed by my kidneys (bladder?) deciding to just stop functioning for a day (all the while drinking my normal amount of fluid), my body got completely toxic, water retention was and still is intense, and the body pain that has been a little lower the past few weeks is now burning fire through my joints and muscles. I am not sure why I did such a complete 180 in a matter of days. Such is Lyme, temperamental little scum…

   I am only hoping, praying that I can crawl back out of this to physical and mental sanity.

Oh, and my liver is angry too