The Reason Wheat Is Still Killing You Even If You’re Glutenfree, And It’s Not What You Think

Here is a radical paradigm shift in how we think of grains that the food industry doesn’t want you to know.
I am horrified that even gluten-free and organic wheat (and some other grains) won’t save us from killing ourselves. Ready for this?
——–>. The Truth Behind Why Grains Are Killing Us


9 Disgusting Things You Have Been Eating Your Whole Life And Didn’t Know It

Had to share this story from the Huffington Post

this is BEYOND disgusting. A lot of these I knew but it is just enraging that companies can legally poison us, and the FDA is NOT our friend. No wonder people are diseased and getting so much cancer. Some of these chemicals never leave your body and imbed in lymph nodes and cells. (and by the way most of what is listed you will find in hundreds more products than what is disclosed).

Image    Image Image

Acidosis & Cytokines, Pain and Inflammation

So in my current little slump I have been having worse pain and inflammation and fatigue. I am back on treatment right now for candida, but it only makes some difference. On Monday my doctor told me she felt I was in acidosis. Now I am familiar with the acidic/alkaline body balance and food list, but I have not given it the attention it deserves. Even though my diet is strict to the nth degree I find I tend to crave and eat mostly acidic foods. So I am going to try and do a lot better at keeping my body more alkaline and eat mostly alkaline foods.

This is important for my current discomfort and healing, but also because of proven research that disease and cancers thrive in an acidic environment. A few good links:

Click to access acid-alkaline-food-chart.pdf

Also acidosis seems to greatly increase cytokines, which is a familiar word by now for the Lymie:







A Spice For Lyme and Cancer


This is something I take as part of my Lyme treatment, but it looks like it is a good idea for so many more reasons…

For Cancer:


For Lyme:

She is gone, but her words live on….

A Friend shared this on Facebook and it stopped me in my tracks. This is one of the most moving testimonies I have seen. This woman is living in the midst of dying. What a testimony and a call to all of us to use the time and talents we have every minute of every day for God’s glory and to take nothing for granted. I am undone tonight

Watch the last interview of Abigail: