Magic Beans

Jumping right back into work without rest after my trip plus having all my edema and systemic reactions has been terribly fatiguing. Here I am needing to be super strict with my diet again and needing to cleanse, restore and calm down histamine and mast cell stuff, and/or iGg, and yet fatigue at work has been so bad that 24oz matcha lattes, energy drinks and regular tea aren’t helping to peel my face off my desk.

Even though I’m iGg reactive to both coffee and chocolate I have again been relying on “magic beans” this week just to get me through. Alas riding the wake of wakefulness (ha ha) are swelling, tingling and pain 😦   I can also feel adrenal fatigue from being shot up with so much caffeine.

Hopefully I can get back on track soon and let the only magic beans in my life be the beanstock growing kind.

cacao and coffee

Ashwagandha and the usage with Chronic Lyme

I have been reading a lot lately on adrenal troubles and high cortisol as being a (possible) contributor to my fatigue and chronic water retention. I am sharing a good article on the use of Ashwagandha and it’s helpfulness with adrenal function and chronic Lyme:

Also here is a good article on cortisol

So I am going to start trying Ashwagandha per Dr Ross’s recommendations as well as weaning myself off of coffee (!). We shall see how that goes.

10 Of The Causes Of “Fibromyalgia”

10 Of The Causes Of “Fibromyalgia”

As (most) of us know Fibromyalgia is a symptom not a disease itself. Here is a really intelligent list of some of the causes (link in title). One not listed here is of course Lyme which causes Fibromylgia-like pain, especially while herxing.