As we are coming to the end of the year it is always significant for me because another year has gone by and being that my birthday falls in December 31st I am a year older on the first day of the year. This has always been bitter sweet, usually with more bitter because of all the “lost” years.
This year I am instead looking forward to God’s blessing, favor and provision over the next year. I am praying that my feet will walk in His footsteps, that I will shed any footholds of the enemy, that He will bring me to complete freedom, that He will heal my body completely and I will experience all the joy and freedom that is mine in Christ. I am also praying that I will see the fulfillment of His promises and that this will finally be the year of miracles and joy.
If you feel led to join me in this prayer it would be a blessing. Please also let me know if The Lord has put any prayers on your heart for this coming year. Now is an amazing time for God to put hope in your heart and a direction and purpose for a new year.