Lyme Robs, Lost Something Else To The Fight Today

My dear friends, I need you right now more than ever. I got let go from my job today which was a little unexpected and is very saddening. In a nutshell I simply wasn’t able to do the job I needed to do working two days a week. Also my cognitive state and health dip of the last few months have been affecting my job performance and decision-making a lot more than I knew. 
 Right now I am trusting God that this happened for a reason, and that he has something new and different for me. I am trying not to feel guilt and condemnation over being a failure. 

Lyme Care Fund
 I need your prayers and support about how and what to do to support myself, I don’t know if I can trust my own mind and my own energy to be able to do my best for a new employer, but I will be looking.

 If anyone is able to offer financial support, even a little, it will make the world of difference.

7 thoughts on “Lyme Robs, Lost Something Else To The Fight Today

  1. Praying for you. Do you mind me asking you how you were first diagnosed? I am currently not well and usually I am super healthy. I’ll try to give a short version of the story. I’m a teacher and November 11 as I taught there were bugs. One was on my arm yet I didn’t know what they were until later. Turns out they were German roaches ( maybe just be a coincidence) I moved all of my classes for the rest of the day and later that afternoon I started to get a horrible pain on left side of my body , joint pains and chills down my back like I had he flu. since I had just found out that I was pregnant, I went to the doctor who sent me to the ER. Turns out I would have a chemical pregnancy two days later. I was sent back to the ER three days later bc the joint pain and chills just got worse. After a ton of blood work and X-rays on my back, the only thing that came back irregular was my crp protein level was elevated so it will be rechecked in a week. Since then, my jaw and throat are so tighter and hurt. An ent told me it is tmj from anxiety and stress. But I feel like it’s more. I have random joint pain and chills still although not all the time. My vision gets blurry and I feel disorientated. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my throat was closing. I get itchy everywhere but no rash. I’m always tired. I was tested two weeks ago twice for lyme as every doctor first says that. They were negative. I reached out to my doctor bc my throat burns sometimes. I am thinking I need to see a rheumatologist, maybe throat X-ray or cat scan ? Maybe retest for lyme ? I know you aren’t a doctor but I guess I wanted to know how you found out – thanks again ! Sorry for the long post and I wish you the best of luck and health.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your suffering, it truly breaks my heart and I wish more than anything that I could rescue everyone that is suffering like this.

      My case has been very complicated and a lot is involved besides just Lyme. I am also dealing with mycoplasma and (still) mold, along with all the fallout in my body from decades of illness. Even though a lot is better than it was a few years ago.
      Honestly in my couple decades of illness I have NEVER gotten anywhere with mainstream medical practitioners. All they have gotten me is more years of pain and frustration.

      I would tell anyone with Lyme to not waste their time and just go straight to see Dr Smith in Idaho if they are able. I was under the care of a good LLMD Dr Marty Ross in Seattle for two years prior to seeing Dr Smith.
      Dr Ross seemed really Lyme savvy and has a good understanding of other factors that those that suffer with Lyme deal with, like Candida. He is also familiar with the Shoemaker protocol for biotoxic mold exposure. I have a lot of respect for him, but he is also quite limited in how much he can help. I have spoken to several other patients/former patients of his that share a similar opinion.
      He started me off with Cholestyramine because I had pretty bad mold exposure growing up and it made me very sick. He also started me on oral antibiotics. Later on he switched me over to herbal antibiotics Samento and Banderol, which I was on for about a year and a half. When I started treatment I had a pretty bad die off experience and was bedridden for about 3 months. I would say I had some success with Dr Ross, maybe 30% better, but then I plateaued and couldn’t seem to move on. He did get to a point where he didn’t seem to know what to do with my sister and I.
      I think Dr Ross might have success in treating more “straight forward” Lyme cases, but he did not really address co-infections too much. Also I kept having horrible gut trouble (my sister was a patient at the same time and had a similar experience) and he kept aggressively treating “candida”, which wasn’t working.
      Two years in I was still having horrible digestive issues, numbing fatigue, horrible systemic edema, brain fog, etc. One of my best friend’s who was horribly sick with Lyme went to see Dr Smith in Idaho and as you know he treats with kinesiology and magnetic therapy. Knowing what I did about Lyme I was highly skeptical, until my friend went from bedridden from Lyme-related heart issues and weakness to almost normal! Then I started hearing other testimonials that were similar.
      In July of last year I went to see Dr Smith myself for treatment; he found Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia and some other viral co-infections. After 3 days of consecutive treatment I started herxing immediately. The worst of it was for about 6 weeks but it was NOTHING compared to the die off I experience with antibiotics. I slowly started to feel a bit better over the following months and I would say about 3 months post treatment I was feeling better than I had in years. The biggest difference was congnitive; I got my personality and normal emotions back. My dyslexia disappeared, my recollection issues, everything. For the first time in my adult life I feel normal.
      I have gone back to Dr Smith several times for rechecks and “clean up”. But at this point I am dealing mostly with a local ND to calm down the autoimmune issues that the Lyme activated and healing Leaky Gut, he is also addressing the mycoplasma, mold and hormones.I think when we are done with that I might actually be normal!
      Even though I am still dealing with stuff the symptoms directly from Lyme are either vastly improved or gone (like my pain and neuro and cognitive stuff).
      If it is within your means here is some info on Dr Smith:
      Also my ND treats patients who are out of the area and is treating a friend of mine from MN who has had vast improvement since seeing him. Let me know if you need info on him

      • Oh wow! Thank you for sharing this information and your story. I truly appreciate it and will let you know if I need more information about him. I wish you the best and good health. I am glad that you on the road to recovery. 😄

      • I wish you the best too, I understand the pain of living through illness. Please let me know your progress.
        I have a Facebook page of the same name as well (My Color Is Lyme) where I post a lot of stuff.
        And the best website I’ve ever found on Lyme-related stuff is

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