I didn’t think I would be going through this again, that feeling of being poisoned.all the tissues in my body feel like they’ve been lit on fire, I don’t know how else to describe it it is deep burning pain in the tissue especially my legs but also my arms and torso. I know the fluid in my body’s going crazy when my slip on shoes become really tight and I get lines around my ankles.  

 I have been having abdominal cramping off and  on the past few days and suddenly put on weight and the water retention is insane. What drives me crazy is I really have no idea why! The past two days I’ve been using the symptom tracker on my phone to try and correlate if there’s anything on eating that I could possibly be reacting to. 

I did find that I had been eating too many naturally sugary foods like dates some figs.

And the last couple days I have had some sweet potato that had smoky paprika on it, I am wondering if this could be the culprit being that paprika is a nightshade. But could that cause this systematic agony? Feeling like someone beat me up with a baseball bat and then rubbed me with sandpaper?

Ugh, so tired of this. The other thing that made me wonder is the fact that I’ve been using some avocado oil, plain raw avocado does cause me little bit of stomach distress, but I think I am having allergic reactions to coconut, so coconut oil is out. You can’t cook safely with olive oil, canola oil isnt good for you, I am allergic to sesame and nut  oils, and I can’t use potter because I am dairy free. I swear I just need to put into a medically induced coma and be on an IV drip for a good three months and not eat or drink anything to give my gut a  rest.

OK, rant over. Pain and misery hopefully short-lived.


2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this now. I can share only my experiences and hope that it can be of any help in understanding your case. I survived untreated and undiagnosed Lyme in 1984, with classic bull’s eye rash, and joint symptoms 4-6 months later with some general fatigue, but nothing major or crisis type. 14 years later after enormous pressure, which I usually enjoyed overcoming, untreated cold manifested to chest infection, 8 courses of antibiotic and several invasive procedures I had full blown crisis when my body just gave up. I live two years in a mode to get some sleep and survive the night and manage through the day. I was finally diagnosed with coeliac disease and pernicious anaemia after 2 years just by accident, in another 2 years with Hashimoto disease, which had a very sudden onset. With a gluten free diet I stopped losing weight and was able to keep food, but only a few products were on the list that I had no problems with. I did not tolerate any oils at all, only little bitter and sour cream. I was allergic to practically everything in the house including shampoo, soap and creams. I could not tolerate any proteins either, except eggs and 1 piece of hard cheese a day. It took 7 years for my gut to heal. I can eat everything now, except gluten and soy, but still can have chicken or meat only in small quantities. Eating protein makes my body to retain water and swellings in arms and legs. I have to carefully manage my life, my energy expenditure, if I get carried away and run on adrenalin, I have to spend some time in bed to recuperate. To recover the best way is to stop any activities, even talking and writing, the less I eat, the better I feel, no energy goes to digestion. I can’t complain, my situation could have been so much worse. I manage and I am happy with my life. Before Lyme I never had any autoimmune issues, no one in my immediate family had them either. That is my experience with Lyme.

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