Up Again

the last few days I have been feeling better having ended cycle two of my progesterone a few days ago…phew. 

I am set for round 3 during my trip to Disneyland in September (!), i am going to have to talk to my doctor about possibly skipping or if there is something else I can do to counteract the fatigue and other effects so I don’t spend my vacation lying on my face in the hotel room 😒

So we shall see. But I am enjoying the last couple days feeling like myself again and not a drone. 
In other exciting news I took on a bit of a challenge (gulp) to try and step up our fundraising for our Disneyland trip;

I posted that for every 10 dollars donated in the next few weeks I would ride my bike 1 mile. I think I am up for the challenge, God is good because I couldn’t have even thought about it last week. I have already had a couple people throw the gauntlet down and it is good for me because I know exercise helps whether I feel up to it or not.

Here is my Facebook post:
SPONSORS NEEDED! CYCLING 🚲CHALLENGE!!!!….I need sponsors to make 50 mile goal in the next 2 weeks
Okay, I am taking a step of faith here as I am feeling a little better today than I have been, and I am looking for mile sponsors… Read on
My sister and I are counting down the days now until our Dream vacation to Disneyland 🏰 *(more info below) and we have scraped together the funds for plane tickets, but still need accommodations and park tickets. We are going to do everything we can to raise funds fast.
Here is the challenge….ready? For every $10 donated for the next several weeks I will bike 1 mile. There is no cap on this, if we raise $200 I bike 20 miles, $400= 40 miles, etc.

By God’s grace I will rise to the challenge. I will log my miles with my Map My Ride App and post for all to see so you know I am actually doing it. This will also be good for me because I have fallen off exercising due to a little health slump and I need to get up and moving again.
So ANY amount helps! And remember, increments of $10 gets me peddling 😉
*My name is Jennifer and my sister Holly and I have been sick for many years. The last decade especially has been the toughest with seasons of job loss (due to illness), being bed-ridden during treatment, chronic fatigue, pain, cognitive and neurological issues, pulmonary issues and edema….the list goes on and the story is too long. The Lyme is under control as we are just past the 3 year mark for specific Lyme treatment, but we are still dealing with a lot of autoimmune stuff and still receiving IV’s and other ongoing treatments. Because of all of this we have not had health or finances to have much fun in a very long time (I personally haven’t been on a vacation for 16 years). The last few years going through Lyme treatment we have had an ongoing dream of going to Disneyland, and every year it has remained a dream. A few months ago we decided that this year we would shoot for the stars and land at the Happiest Place On Earth. So that is the plan 😉
We want to profusely thank the people that have been able to help so far, it means so much. We have a ways to go and less than 30 days to do it, but we will make it happen.

~Lyme Warriors

P.S. If you would be open we would also love for you to share this post

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