Lyme Free is possible!

so I suddenly realized I had not shared my latest update yet;

I had my 1 year check with my Lyme doctor in Idaho Monday the 2nd and he couldn’t find any Lyme! Or Bartonella, or Babesia, or any of the other little coinfections…. (!!!!!!)

This is wonderful. I am feeling pretty good overall, although I have to bide my energy and listen to my body. I am still having horrible reactions to most foods, and still that horrible swelling/water retention, but that is a process. Again I am working with a clinic and 2 NDs on the autoimmune part of this since my body has been in a state of high reactivity for so many years. I am still having systemic reactions to a lot of foods and I am very chemical sensitive, etc. So it is going to take some time and effort to calm everything down. Healing the leaky gut is a big part of this and dealing with the DNA aspect of targeted nutritional therapy. But I’m getting there! Only a few IVs left to go… At least less poking is in my imminent future 😉 



8 thoughts on “Lyme Free is possible!

  1. I’m so happy for you! I’m seeing my FIRST LLMD this coming Thursday and so my journey only begins then. To hear that after a year you have no lyme symptoms is so encouraging! I know there may still be a bumpy road ahead for you, but knowing that the worst is probably over makes me so happy for you!! I just joined your blog so I look forward to reading back blog entries. Enjoy this great news!! Take care!

  2. Reblogged this on Lyme and a Coconut and commented:
    Note to self: read “My Color is Lyme”‘s story so that I may be encouraged. She is showing no symptoms of lyme a YEAR after treatment! I don’t yet know many details of her story, but I am so happy for her and happy to hear that is possible.

  3. Great news!

    I’m 2.5 years into treatment and haven’t made much progress, but you give me hope. My biggest problem is combating biofilms, but I’m now embarking on a cinnamon essential oil protocol which is giving me massive herxes again, so I know it’s working. Fingers crossed.

    • I was two years in treatment with an LLMD with very minimal progress before seeing my current LLDC.
      I don’t think I would ever have recovered without his therapy. I would tell anyone who is able to go see Dr Smith in Idaho

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