I adore Louise’s writing, she has been a unique and much needed voice in the Lyme community


You  may think in the time you’ve been sick you’ve done nothing and been wasting your time. This just isn’t true! You’ve collected an entire new skill set that can be laid out in CV form just the same as more traditional skills. And don’t forget people, they’re transferable skills.

I thought I’d knock up a quick draft of my new CV to give you an example of some of the things you may have also learned on your journey, valuable skills that not that many people have! Don’t forget the buzzwords!


Louise DDDangerous

DOB: That time in the 80’s where people thought that Lucozade was a health food, ready meals were perfectly healthy and wearing neon was a great idea.

The blurb

I’ve been chronically differently abled since 2011 causing a dramatic shift in life focus, goals and opportunities. As a medical refugee that has used several…

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