I finally had my genetic consultation today to go over how my genes are contributing to my health, it lasted 2 hours. I am probably only retaining a small portion of all the information I received with all the talk of genetics, epigenetics and snps, mthfr, comt….. all of which were a little beyond me. The doctor went over all the good and bad factors. It is very interesting how it is written in our genes how our bodies respond to environmental factors and disease, why some things that can destroy some people don’t cause the same harm to others. I think genetics has a great influence on how different people handle Lyme. My doctor affirmed this.

I won’t name everything here, but as a quick overview I have a genetic predisposition to celiac and I am to avoid all grains
I have genetic factors that have been “turned on” regarding gut issues, inflammation, neurological issues, dopamine deficit, immune reactivity, thyroid, histamine reaction and mast cell activation.
I am greatly skimming and over simplifying, but basically now that I am moving past the lyme (with it’s coinfections) and other things I have dealt with, we can have great success at starting to “turn off” all the negative factors in my genes that have been activated by decades of disease. It will be a matter of skirting things that will cause me harm like any folated vitamins or minerals, being very careful with diet, activating good genes and detox pathways and doing some rewriting to tell the body to stop histamine, cortisol, mast cell and other negative productions.

I left my appointment having a lot of confidence that this clinic will be able to eradicate the autoimmune disease that the other diseases left behind. What an amazing blessing because otherwise I could have been left in an endless whirlpool of autoimmune reactivity Lyme or no Lyme.

Oh! And best part, the doctor had a nice personal talk with me afterward and spent time praying with me.



2 thoughts on “Lyme Wars, A New Hope

  1. Hi- I recently got my 23&me done and ran it through genetic genie. I took the results to my LLMD but he was only familiar with some of the mutations. Where is your doctor/the clinic located? Does he/she specialize in genetic mutations? I am also reading Dr. Yasko’s book, but it is so much to process and I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve been trying to address methylation issues for awhile now, but it is SO much more than taking b-vitamins! When you say folated vitamins and minerals- does that include methyl-folate? I thought that was supposed to help? Sorry for all the questions 🙂 I’m glad it sounds like you have gained a lot of insight and have a good doctor guiding your treatment!

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