When Others Can’t See The War

Reblogging this today For anyone else today who feels that their body is an alien that causes them pain and is out to get them.

My Color Is Lyme

It came to me today as I have been reflecting on how frustrated and worn out I have been lately with this multi-decade battle with illness that I am at war every moment of my life….with myself.

THIS is the essence of an autoimmune disease….with chronic invisible illness, being in an internal battle every day of your life with your body. This is what is hard for others to understand when they observe you from the outside when looking at you or talking to you. You seem normal, you are “functioning”, besides the fact that you tell them that you are horribly fatigued, or in pain, or can’t eat most foods, or can’t climb those stairs, or can’t hang out this weekend….
What they don’t see is that you and yourself really don’t get along that well and it feels that you are an alien to your very body and…

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