How To Take A “Lyme” Bubble Bath

First let me start by saying I have always loved bubble paths. It is not only atmospheric and part of the whole bath experience but it is also rather comforting…..well, I’m just going to say it, not to have to look down at yourself the whole time you’re in the tub.
Okay, so now the challenges. As we know most bath and body products out there are full of bad stuff and most contain endotoxins at best (no time to get into all that here). But needless to say it’s not good for us and since 80% of our immune system is in our GI and anything we put on our skin bypasses our immune system and goes straight into our blood stream. Major problem for anyone but all the more for those of us suffering from Lyme and autoimmune diseases. Are we still talking about bubble baths you ask? Why yes we are and I am taking the long road to get to my point. All the commercial bubble bath stuff out there is full of sulfates, parabens, glycols and more. So I try and avoid them. Problem is I have also tried the all natural bubble bath stuff and found it to be quite wanting in the “abundance of bubbles” department. To add to this quandary I also like using some *essential oils in the bath water that would be beneficial to my health and Lyme, both in absorption and breathing them in, and oils kill bubbles…

But through trial and error I have found the perfect solution!
Because one day I had nothing else on hand I decided to try Mrs Meyers Clean Day soap in the bath and to my delight it creates great bubbles, every bit as good as bubble bath soap. But as for the oils messing with bubbles I discovered that it is a matter of timing. I start the bath by running the water and putting the Epsom salts and the soap in first right when I start running the water. Then I will get the tub about half full (at this time it should be full of generous bubbles) and put the drops of EOs under the running water. They will be in the water and under your bath bubbles leaving your suds in tact đź‘Ź

Bath RX:

2 Cups Epsom Salts
4 Generous pumps Mrs Meyers Clean Day (or other natural soap). Run water and stir at first to help dissolve salt, let suds form.
*Add several drops of preferred essential oil after bath is about half full.
Soak for 20-60 minutes.

Here are several good reads on Epsom Salts baths and essential oils for Lyme.

*please be careful and do your research before using essential oils topically. Some are “hot” oils and must be diluted before use and some can be skin irritants. Also realize that because oil and water don’t mix you will experience a concentration on the surface of the water.




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