We are still in a lot of need as we enter 2015. As many of your know the financial strain that comes with chronic Lyme can be overwhelming and most people whose journeys I follow need support from friends, family and community. We as a family are in that same boat and although this Go Fund Me page was set up for myself and my sister, both my parents are suffering as well and the financial burden on the family seems unending. I know many of you are struggling as well, but we would appreciate help from anyone that is able and your post shares for support are appreciated as well.

We have made a lot of progress as a family and we are ALL in treatment right now going back and forth to a Lyme doctor in Idaho as well as continuing supportive treatment from a doctor locally.
Some of the complications now seem to be more with a lot of Lyme co-infections and viruses. Our immune systems have been compromised for so long that the rebuilding in this fight is still going to take a while. We are all dealing with some of the same symptoms like fatigue and body pain, brain fog and apathy, digestive problems and weakness…
Life is still a stretch physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.
God however is immeasurably good and He is working.

I know this disease can be hard for many to understand; please let me know if you would like some technical information sent to you on the scientific side of this bacteria. I have a good very explainitive medical paper that I can message to anyone. healthierdays

Link To Go Fund Me:



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