Merry Christmas to all my fellow Lyme sufferers. And because many of us have come to just say “Lyme” as a blanket term for not only Borellia itself but also the bugs that come with it…Merry Christmas to the Bartonella victims, the Babesia hosts, the Mycoplasma patients….

Holidays can be hard for many reasons; You can’t eat the food. You feel in a fog and can’t engage with people. You are in physical pain. You are too fatigued to attend any functions. This just marks the end of another empty and wasted year eaten by illness….

I just want to send blessings and prayers to all of you. I wish I could personally encourage each of you and had the resources to meet all your needs.
What is getting me through is focusing on the reason for the season and knowing Christ came and humbled Himself taking on the limited form of man when He is an infinite unlimited God. I honestly do not think I could have made it through all these years of suffering physically, mentally and emotionally if it had not been for my relationship with Jesus. There is no other reason that I at 35, still single because of illness, and having had decades of lost years…lost experiences…and so much pain, can instead have learned to be grateful for suffering because I can now see that God has been more interested in who I am internally and the ministry He can give me because of my illness.
For that reason I feel blessed to have been chosen to be used in that way and to have grown so much wiser, kinder, informed, stronger, deeper and so much more.

Because of illness I will be an advocate of Lyme for the rest of my life and care and pray for all of you, and do as much as I can with my resources to raise awareness and help others.
Stay strong this Christmas Lymies!



4 thoughts on “Holidays Can Be Tough With Disease

  1. I’m dreading my next vacation :/ I stick to a plant based diet and my relatives are vegan BUT they eat tons of bread! And no matter how many times I tell them I can’t eat it, they always offer it to me. Its not a big deal to break my diet every once in awhile, but every time I do i find that its harder to get back on track. I think I’m just going to stay home between semesters.

    Sorry to post on an old entry, it just caught my attention.. I hate struggling with begin social because of food choices -.-

    • The social food struggle is a constant reality. If anything that has only gotten worse for me.
      I actually just read an article that said if you are gluten sensitive one bit can cause weeks/months of reactivity 😦

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