7 thoughts on “Big News! New Study Supports Lyme IS Sexually Transmitted

  1. this really worries me…recently talked to my doctor said the research is very very mixed, and if it is transmitted it would be when it is active and easier to transmit from male to female. I’ve had many partners and hope I haven’t compromised them. I also just started dating a guy who had lyme a long time ago (got the rash and did 30 days antibiotics)..I’m worried I might give it to him…. jeez… not good…..

    • That is tough Kris. The research is still controversial but a lot of well versed LLMD’s will say that it can be transmitted this way but maybe not as easily as blood. There are also some Lyme patients in support groups that can attest to the fact that they believe they transmitted it to their partners or vice versa.

      • I know :/ My LLMD said he thought if transmission did happen, it would be with someone who I had frequent sex with over a long period of time. My now ex and I had unprotected sex the entire two years we were together, and so far he doesn’t show any symptoms..but who ever knows with lyme!! šŸ˜¦

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