I Have Never Promoted A Product Before, But………..

This is my first time recommending and promoting any products, but I found this little local company in Washington (yes they ship!) that makes incredible all natural body and hair care products.

I found their stand at a farmer’s market on a day trip to Whidbey Island in the summer. What attracted me most is that their products are all natural and chemical-free. As we know having an autoimmune disease  what we put on our body needs to be natural and that chemicals can have devastating effects. These products are some of the best I have smelled and they contain essential oils.

I purchased a few products but what I love most is the shampoos and conditioners. I am delighted that besides the benefit of smelling nice and being all natural they also make my hair so much healthier, stronger and smoother! I have actually had a few comments on my hair asking what I was doing differently or whether I had colored it (because it looks brighter and healthier). The all natural products work better than anything on the mainstream market including the expensive (and toxic!) salon brands. They also make all natural chemical-free deodorants, body lotions and more. They have a fabulous website and list all their ingredients so we know what we’re getting.


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