Ten Real Life Struggles of Having a Chronic Illness


Having a chronic illness is like having a full-time job.  But a lot of healthy people just don’t understand what it’s like.  So, read the following list of real life struggles of having a chronic illness and you’ll be able to understand a chronic just a little better.

1. Being a flake.

flakey friend

Me:  Hey, so I know I said I could hang out this weekend, but actually I’m not feeling so good so I’ll have to cancel.

Friend:  Oh, okay.  That’s fine!  We can totally do it another time.  I’ll call you.

*never calls*  *end of another “friendship”*

Having friends is difficult to do when you have a chronic illness.  We never know when we’re going to feel good, or better, so making and keeping plans is hard to do.  And if you cancel plans enough times, people stop making them with you.  A chronic will often get sidelined, as…

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