I personally do not believe in most vaccines mostly because of what is in them, but also the fact that if you are immuno- compromised taking another “hit” from a vaccine really is harder on your body even than getting sick. I have some experience with this with the Hep B vaccine. A couple years ago I needed to get Hep B vaccinated for a job, Dr Ross LLMD recommended that it would be best if I didn’t but he understood if I didn’t have a choice. Well I went ahead and got the first in the series and it made all my symptoms so much worse I really couldn’t work anyway.

Here is Dr Ross’ article on why he wouldn’t recommend vaccinating:



6 thoughts on “Chronic Lyme Sufferers Ask “Should I Get The Flu Vaccine?”

  1. I just googleed this the other day and found conflicting thoughts on it. I’ll probably ask my LLMD what she thinks. Usually the flu knocks me out HARD. Not sure if it makes sense or not fr me. I’ll ask the doc.

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