It’s A New Day

It is interesting how quickly things can change. The last couple days have been remarkably good for me after a having just gone through some bad days.
Thursday I was able to visit a friend after a long day of work and didn’t suffer for it. Friday I went on a 30 minute bike ride and later in the day visited another friend.
Saturday I went on another short bike ride then later attempted to go on a short hike. I only made it 1 mile and had to turn around, but that’s okay, that was a huge deal! Better yet I did not suffer too badly for it. Today I was a bit fatigued but attempted my first power yoga class in years. I only made it through about two thirds of the class and decided I couldn’t push any further and had to go into child’s pose, but again that’s okay.

This is some of the most living I have done in a long time and I am feeling very blessed. Will I have more bad days? Possibly/probably, but that’s okay too.

I’ll keep everyone updated.


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