Bart Be Gone

The last few days have been…..good!
Fatigued and a little down the first half of Monday yes, but I was able to get to Monday night small group for the first time in many months and made it through today with not too many ill effects (a few of the usual suspects of course, but manageable).

This is all very exciting because I know I have a little ways to go with some physical struggles, but I can’t help but think that one of the major changes (confirmed by Dr Smith last visit) is that the Bartonella in the brain and brain stem is pretty much gone! What a difference. I feel that I am regaining pieces of myself and my personality that have been slumbering.
I also must recognize that another element of a good outlook is God. He has done so much with me during this long struggle it is incredible. It is hard for me to differentiate between what is physical and what is spiritual as far as outlook and perceptions, but I know that I might still be discouraged if it weren’t for believing God has great purpose in all this.

I don’t want to mislead anyone to think that I am rosy and strong all the time, quite the opposite in that I do have down times and I recognize that I can take credit for nothing. I am nothing in my natural self that was not created and definitely nothing in my spiritual self that has not been gifted.
As in the past to “keep it real” I will keep writing in the good times and bad. Stay strong tonight Lymies.



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