Appointment Update

2 Days past my appointment on Monday and I am already feeling so much better. I woke up Tuesday morning with my face looking a lot less puffy and a much better sense of well-being. I no longer feel that my body is in crisis mode, which is a nice feeling.

Today, Wednesday, I will just say that…um, my kidneys are working again! This is such a huge relief.  What is tough is that there is still so much water retention. My socks leave dents in my ankles or calves at the end of the day, and I swear Eastern Washington is eying my butt right now with envy

thinking it has solved it’s drought problem….. Anybody know how I can make a donation? 😉

Anyway, I am hopeful as the layers unfold that there will be a days of complete health.


4 thoughts on “Appointment Update

  1. My wife and I chose Dr Tony over becoming new patients with Sophia Health Institute (Dr. Klinghardt)
    We are a little nervous, as to not hearing anything about this treatment since we started researching Lyme.
    Our Appt is in 2 weeks..

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