Embrace The Crawl

A repost from almost exactly one year ago

My Color Is Lyme

There are places we go inside ourselves when life disappoints us…lets us down…beats us up.  When life is unbearable we explore different outlets so we can deal with it, we turn to apathy (dwelt there), we get angry (done that), we get depressed (yep), we pity ourselves (sigh, yes), we just give up on the future (totally). We can also dwell in the past reliving “the good times”, or dwell in regret, or (especially with myself) grieving lost years.

   A chronic illness will eat away at you like nothing else can; It will eat your body, eat at your mind, eat your emotions, eat your relationships, eat your spiritual life. Unless you have lived in this reality it is hard to explain the devastation.

Before I continue on I must  preempt by saying it is important to accept your illness and not be in denial. Denial is not a…

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