Appointment Update

I am back in Washington now and a little tired after a long but enjoyable and productive weekend.

I decided to head for Idaho on Saturday so I didn’t have to drive two days in a row. This was a smart decision and I was able to relax Sunday and spend some leisurely time with my dog.

Today I had my appointment with Dr Smith and I am so glad I went. Turns out that feeling I had that my body was in distress (plus the symptoms) was right. I had a viral infection in my lower intestine, a different viral infection in my left kidney (it was only functioning at 30%), and a liver virus. These plus my MTHFR defect were causing a lot of back up and havoc. Got treated and now should be able to detox better. Apparently some things are treated in layers and this is not uncommon, which I already had some understanding of. I do feel rather Shrek-ish though….you know, “layers”.
Okay enough corny humour.

The good news is that Borellia, Bartonella and Babesia were no longer causing problems. Yay!
I still need to go for a recheck in 6 weeks and I am optimistic. Maybe I will be 15 pounds lighter if all the fluid starts dropping off 😉 been waiting for that one for a long time. A girl can dream.


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