When The Fog Rolls In It’s Not The Weather…

So okay, brain fog isn’t too bad today but I thought the title was funny.
I took a day off work today for extra rest, which makes my second one in the last two weeks. It’s been a bit rough, but I must say this week was much better than last week with fatigue and other symptoms.

Today was weird because at about three in the afternoon I got hit with a fatigue tsunami and a brain fog chaser. I literally just lay in bed for a few hours and my tentative plans to maybe see a movie for the first time in months went out the window.

So here is something funny, two Lymies trying to make plans with each other;
I call my sister who just got back from her trip to Idaho for treatment with the same LLMD. Here is a rough outline of part of our conversation:

Me: so what do you think, you want to see Guardians Of The Galaxy tonight?

Her: Well I want to, but I can’t get the motivation to even get up and do anything.

Me: I totally understand, I wasn’t sure if you would feel up to it.

Her: are you really wanting to go?

Me: I want to too, but now I am feeling super tired, couldn’t even stay awake this afternoon. There’s no hurry, maybe tomorrow, or next week…

Her: Yes, maybe tomorrow. Although I don’t know how I’ll be feeling, so we’ll have to see.

Me: I can text you tomorrow and see if you are up to it, or if I’m up to it…

Her: okay.

Lol, this is how it is. I am looking forward to a day when I will have that thing, um…what is it called? That thing that makes people able to do stuff? Oh yes, energy. Not saying I haven’t gotten times when I’ve had pieces of it, but looking forward to the whole pie.

Oh and that brain fog thing? Spent 20 minutes today trying to think of the word “metaphor”. Had to punch a hole through a wall, pick a lock and crack a safe

And puppy pic, just because



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