We usually think of defiance as beating the odds, taking up arms, standing in opposition or defying our circumstances and radically overcoming them. But do we very often think of worship as being those exact same things? Worship in the midst of difficulty is just that, it is an act of defiance.

When we worship when things are hard it is not a weak thing to do, it’s a tough thing to do. It’s tough because it means seeing outside of where we are and into something bigger. It is putting the faith that God is greater than our pain into action and straight into praise.

Worship is an act of defiance: We praise God saying “I will not be overcome by my pain, I will not surrender to the lie that there is no hope or no point to what I’m going through. I will instead choose to declare that God is greater, God has a plan and a purpose”. Nothing is harder than reaching out of your fatigue, pain, discomfort…and lifting yourself up to worship. Sometimes I have to do it in a small whisper, sometimes through tears, but it is always uplifting. Every time I find this place I am acutely reminded that I fail at doing this most of the time.

Worship is an act of war: When the enemy tries to bring you down, make you lose hope, lose heart, give up, worship is a declaration of war and a battle cry that spits in the face of darkness and says “I am with the One who overcame the world, you have no hold on me”. This is powerful. Even when you don’t “feel” like it simply acting first will help the emotions to follow. There is something beautiful about stepping out in faith with worship and praise and letting your heart follow. Worship is a trumpet shout that God is greater than your circumstances.

I am sharing this because I need to be reminded of it a lot. But sometimes it’s the little things that bring to mind how small my problems really are in proportion to how big God is. In those precious times when it is just you and God the world does just fade away, problems and all. If God says He inhabits the praises of His people then our suffering should be the place of invitation to His dwelling.


4 thoughts on “Worshipping As An Act Of Defiance

  1. This blew me away. I am going to try to worship in my rest periods. Thank you for this. So good to know that God hears,even when it is a whisper-en no and that we can be a blessing to Him even with pain and fatigue

  2. Beautiful reminder. I have experienced this personally, when I have chosen to obey the Lord and enter into worshipping Him, praying to Him and praising Him. It’s amazing how I go from feeling so dead and lifeless and drained due to my Gastro symptoms to a feeling of overwhelming peace and joy and an indescribable sense of understanding that God is with me, even when I do not feel Him. Thank you for sharing. Truth, faith, then feelings.

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