Le Weekende’

So this is day 3 of being mostly in bed, mostly….

Thankfully after a slight adjust to my supplements per my LLMD in Idaho last Thursday some of the die off symptoms that were bad last week are either much better or mostly gone. No more mini seizure-ish things, hard heart beat and chest pain mostly gone, headaches are better, less vertigo….
The weekend has however found me pretty much in bed because (like we all know) it takes a heck of a lot of energy to tell my body to get up and do anything. I think I have exhausted everything that is interesting at Redbox and my On Demand options are growing thin, he he.
Aw well. Been through this before with much worse intensity, so my spirits aren’t too bad. I must confess it is the vanity in me that is most plagued by the increased inflammation right now and feeling rather like a manatee. Nothing against manatees, of course…gentle creatures of the sea, but they are rather rotund are they not?
These things too shall pass. Got The Lord and an orange Pomeranian 🙂



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