The Day After

Today begins my 6 weeks of undulating die off symptoms and the best way I can describe how I’m feeling today is “weird”. I am not feeling too bad but I have a strange spacey slow motion sensation and feel “heavy” and weak. Has anyone ever experienced that feeling when you take a prescription pain killer after a procedure and you have that heavy surreal feeling and kind of out of touch? I’m feeling like that. And although I got enough sleep last night and have only been awake for about 3 hours I feel that I could take a nap. Also my lungs and chest feel very heavy and I have a bit of a cough.
Again this doesn’t feel good but I am happy because it is validation of the die off. I am guessing the chest stuff is the fungal infection in my lungs dying off. Take that mold!
I am very thankful for the next 5 days of rest before I get back to work.
I will stop typing now because my arms don’t feel like they want to be held up anymore 😉



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