And Done!

Day 3 and I just had my sixth and final treatment. It really is incredible to think that 3 days of treatments can leave me Lyme-free. I was asking Dr Smith some various questions today and one thing that came up was one of Dr Smith’s patients went to see Dr Stephen Fry in Arizona to be re-tested after their Lyme/Bartonella/Babesia treatments with Dr Smith (Dr Fry has a microscope that is high powered enough to see Protozoa in the blood and is able to see the Lyme bacteria), and was found to be Lyme free.

So I head home to Washington now with a hard core die-off headache and a whole bunch of hope.

We shall see if after my 6 week die-off period if I start to do amazing. I will definitely be letting y’all know.



2 thoughts on “And Done!

  1. Wow I just read about Dr Smith’s treatment on his website. It sounds too good to be true that treatment can be completed so quickly, but I hope it works for you. I’m actually a patient of Dr. Fry. I’ve only been to one appointment but he does definitely seem to know his stuff. Do Dr Fry and Dr Smith coordinate with each other? And was Dr Smith’s treatment expensive?

    • That is cool that you have a great doctor. As far as I know the two of them don’t know each other.
      Dr Smith is shockingly inexpensive. My six visits (including initial consult/diagnosis) were 1,100. Supplements are additional, but no more money than anywhere else. I am pretty excited.

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