Afternoon Day 2 Update

It is day 2 in Couer d’Alene Idaho and I had my third of 6 treatments this morning. Dr Smith on this third round took care of some Borellia cysts in my sinus cavity, heavy metal-mercury and Lyme in tooth canals.
Like yesterday I am experiencing a lot of fatigue, some nausea, body pain and headache. My water retention/inflammation is INSANE, and new today is some balance issues.
All in all it is not too bad and I have herxed far worse during my initial Lyme treatment end of 2012. So it is a hot sunny day here and right now I am in bed in a nice cool hotel room after a little “almost” nap (no matter how tired my Bartonella infected brain has a hard time sleeping).
One more treatment today in about an hour.


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