The agony and the….agony

So it’s been a rough start to the year, aaaand it’s been a bit rougher the last 6 weeks, aaaaand rougher still the last few days.

So I posted (I think) about my body having been in a rougher state since a bunch of stress beginning of April…physical and emotional, med change, chemical exposure…But the past few days have been super rough with water retention and pain. Yesterday and today have been acute, super bad water retention and pain especially in my legs. Just sitting causes loss of circulation in my legs and feet and I have a lot of muscle and deep tissue pain along with “tingling/pin pricks” all over (my arms too but not as bad).
I had an event today that I was not going to miss under any circumstances. I was able to go and enjoy myself but had to try and ignore the pain in my legs and feeling they were so “tight” it is harder to bend them. My chief complaint is always my legs because they seem to be the most effected and painful, but my face is puffy and my arms are very swollen as well.

I am just wanting an end and an answer to this. I know there is something going on that is either getting missed or needs to be addressed a different way. I know this is my body overacting to literally everything, being “angry” all the time.
I am lying in bed right now doing nothing…feels like I ran a marathon. So far a more committed routine this past week of veggie juicing, 1 hour infrared sauna sessions and new anti yeast meds are either making me worse or causing a wave of herx misery, don’t know which is right.

Okay rant done!! Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I will find the magic spigot tomorrow.

Tried to wear something long enough to cover up my “sausages”, but dang I still look swollen, and a bit of a case of moon face.


6 thoughts on “The agony and the….agony

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I just want to say hi! Hang in there. Please read my comment on electromagnetic fields and their effect on Lyme sufferers. Please get all the wireless stuff out of your living space. Go to for ideas of shielding your home environment and self. Google Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for his knowledge on EMF and Lyme. Electromagnetic fields multiply mycoplasma like mad, and also effect borrellia and, no doubt, co-infections. They react to the emf’s because they recognize it as a threat. So, they multiply as a survival mechanism. They also emit a protein immediately, when they experience emf’s. This makes me instantly ill with all kinds of symptoms. Please research this avenue of info if you have not done so already. All the best…Laurie

    • Hey thanks Laurie! You are right. I cannot eliminate then from my life but I do need to be more diligent unplugging everything in my bedroom at night, etc.
      At work I literally sit right next to a computer so not much I can do about that 😦

      • Hi,
        So important to try to shield yourself from emf. Dr. Kilinghardt explains it very well. As a Lyme specialist, he will not treat Lyme patients unless they eliminate EMF’s from their home, because it is a losing battle with emf exposure. It is that bad. You may be able to wear shielding fabric?? I know…bee keepers is what we have to appear as. But, when life gets unbearable one must survive.

      • thanks Laurie! I had read some of what Klinghardt has said on the subject before, but this video is a great overview without being buried in text. We live in a toxic dangerous world don’t we?

      • Hi, Jennifer,
        Yes, humankind have not been good stewards of the earth…as they were supposed to be. I, too, prefer videos. Text can be so draining. There is a much longer audio interview between Klinghardt and Mercola that discusses this topic. I am very glad I found out about the emf connection so soon. Fact is, wifi and such made me ill before I knew I had Lyme. I had already cleaned out my living space and asked my boss if I could shut off the wifi over a year ago. I NEVER would have lasted this long without the permission to do that. I also asked if I could lie down half way through the day. I have to. It is the dysautonomia symptoms. Oh, what a menace! I am grateful I do not have to work full time. Now, I am quitting my job and moving to Manitoba at the end of the month. I am not sure how I will survive, but I will be with my sister.
        Anyway, I hope the advice from Klinghardt works.
        All the best,

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